Asheville Community Yoga Healing Arts

Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy spirit

A non-profit, community centered space devoted to bringing health, wellness and a high quality of living to everyone through affordable, high quality healing arts services.

We have 9 licensed and certified contracted providers offering a plethora of Healing Arts services to our community.

Services include

Massage and Bodywork – Chinese Medicine – Acupuncture – Ayurvedic Consults & Coaching – Reiki – Holistic Health Coaching- Physical Therapy-Small Specialized Workshops and Series Classes – Yoga Small Group & Private Sessions


Fee Structure

We have developed a Tiered Pricing Model that offers 3 Tier levels with various prices within each Tier. These Tiers are self-selected… pay what you can. And, we offer some ongoing group and educational services for a suggested Love Offering of between $10.00-$20.00.

Gift cards are available and can be used for any service. These make great gifts.