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Asheville Community Yoga Healing Arts

Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy spirit

A non-profit, community centered space devoted to bringing health, wellness and a high quality of living to everyone through affordable, high quality healing arts services.

We have 9 licensed and certified contracted providers offering a plethora of Healing Arts services to our community.

Services include

Massage and Bodywork – Reflexology- Acupuncture – Community Acupuncture-

Ayurvedic Consults & Coaching- Reiki – Holistic Health Coaching- Physical Therapy-Yoga Therapy-Guided Meditation

Fee Structure

It is in the spirit of Karma…selfless service, that our Healing Arts prices reflect affordable rates for our offered treatments. We offer a flexible system of payment that offers a reduced fee for treatments for individuals who cannot afford to pay the average rate for therapeutic services. 

We have developed a Tiered Pricing Model that offers 2 Tier levels. These Tiers are self-selected. We also offer some ongoing group services that are donation based. Suggested donations range from $10.00-$40.00 depending on the group.