Sonya Costello


Sonya first found yoga back in 2001.  Her journey began when a friend shared a yoga video with her thinking it would help her heal from a difficult breakup and a ‘lost’ feeling.  Little did she know…the seed had been planted for a lifetime of healing.

Sonya was not looking for yoga, but at transitional moments in her life, yoga continued to find her.  Gradually, her practice deepened and she was able to pull herself gracefully out of depression, manage chronic pain, calm her mind and then complete her 250hr teacher training program at Asheville Community Yoga in 2012.

Now an E-RYT200, Sonya’s love for yoga continues to grow.   She loves to share the benefits of both the physical and spiritual practice with others.  Sonya believes yoga offers us a wild and wonderful  journey into ourselves.  Through yoga, you have the ability to create more self awareness, love, kindness and compassion, not only for yourself but for others. She feels it is a beautiful practice to focus on finding a space for peace, calm in your mind, getting grounded with your emotions and being present in each moment by always returning to your breath.  Sonya’s classes also embody laughter, love, intention as well as the calming focus on the breath.

Sonya’s class

Vinyasa Flow (L1&2)

Wednesdays from 12:00 to 1:00 pm

This class is an energizing flow practice with an emphasis on breath awareness to support the intention of moving from our heads into our hearts.