Mary Jamieson

mary jamieson

Recently relocated to Asheville via Chicago, Mary started her yoga practice around age 50 and shortly thereafter became a sponge for all things and topics energy related; both physical and mental. A year later Spring Forest Qigong crossed her path and she took the first 3 courses under founder Master Chunyi Lin. Mary is passionate about study, discussion and experiencing energy in various forms and Qigong is an intriguing, healing way to do that. Mary will lead you though the exercises and share tidbits of related ideas with you along the way.

Mary’s class

QiGong (Beginners Welcome)

Fridays from 9:00 to 10:00 am

Start your day and weekend off right with introspective Qigong! Cleanse and clear your Body, Mind and Heart energies with easy to learn breath and Qi gong movements. The class starts with simple warm ups to wake up your energy and a couple of ideas to focus your mind. Next is a series of 6 different sequences/movements, each repeated methodically, which work various accupressure points and areas of your body to open and clear blockages in your energy system. The final section of the class is used to harvest your energy work, release the last of what you don’t need, and prime your body for healing. This 1 hour introspective practice will calm and ground you for whatever comes next.