Laura Potts

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I am a 500 hour yoga teacher in the Kripalu (Kri-PAH-loo) tradition. My personal yoga and meditation practices have inspired me to live in a way that is in better alignment with my values, to honor and to take care of myself and those around me, to become more authentic, and to support others in trying to do the same. Over my 15+ years of practicing yoga, it has become my belief, through personal experience, that an individual’s healing ability is greatly enhanced by mind-body practices.I consider it a privilege to walk alongside my students on their personal journey of self-discovery through a compassionate approach to asana and meditation. I am grateful to be a forever-student and to have studied with many different teachers, but my personal practice and my students have been my greatest and most honored teachers.

Some of my other trainings and areas of teaching experience have included: Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Yoga for Addiction and Recovery, Yoga for Seniors, Yoga for Veterans, basic Qi Gong, and Yoga Nidra (influenced by the iRest protocol and the teachings of Richard Miller and the Integrative Restoration Institute.)

When I am not teaching yoga, I am making jewelry, enjoying walks with my blue heeler and watching Science Fiction television with my husband, Adam.

Laura’s class

Gentle Flow (All Levels, Beginners Welcome)

Wednesdays from 9:30 to 10:45 am

Appropriate for beginners and long-time practitioners alike, the pace of this class allows the space for cultivating awareness of the physical body, as well as the subtle (energetic) body. The gentle movements encourage improved balance, flexibility and strength while restorative postures and meditation support relaxation and release. Principles of safe body alignment are highlighted throughout the class; however, there is an emphasis on finding your best alignment in the postures using a self-inquiry approach. Students are encouraged to develop their inner “witness”, which observes without judgment and guides the practice from within. This particular gentle flow class includes foundational Hatha Yoga postures and also commonly incorporates elements of Qi Gong.