Jessica Leslie

Jessica Leslie
When Jessica first stepped on a yoga mat in 2006, her heart felt a spark of recognition. It was like coming home. In November 2015, she became a certified yoga teacher.

Her yoga classes tend to be an eclectic mix. She incorporates therapeutic and alignment-based cues, however, her passion lies in fostering a connection to the divine spark within.
In addition to teaching yoga, Jessica is  also a licensed physical therapist and owner/operator of Meta Physical Therapy, LLC.

Jessica’s class

Vinyasa Flow (L1&2)

Saturdays from 3:30 to 4:30 pm

This class provides a vigorous physical practice, linking breath with movement to create a mindful flow and cultivate an inner heat. Modifications and advanced options will be provided to accommodate differing levels of practice. This class is fast paced and a prior knowledge of yoga postures is recommended.