Jessica Lakshmi


My  journey into yoga started in my childhood when I learned the blissful feeling of coming fully into my body during my gymnastics and dance training which I began at the age of 6.  I came to understand this feeling as a glimpse of ‘moksha,’ or liberation from the material world, and have always kept this knowledge with me as a special gift.

As a child, my grandfather spoke often of his discoveries living as a Taoist while attending Black Mountain College.  Through his stories of meditation and hearing about the clarity it brought, I began reading Eastern philosophy books at a very young age.  Although my grandfather’s kindness and wisdom helped show me ‘The Way,’ as the path is referred to in Taoism, it was my teacher training that allowed me to view the world from the yogic lens. Within my studies, I found a language and meaning to interpret the sensitivities I had always felt.

I find yoga’s universal truths as a complement to my Judaic roots and believe you may find similar benefits within your own culture and belief system.

I was formally trained in 2008 at Namaste Yoga Sanctuary in Asheville, North Carolina. There I studied Classical Raja Hatha yoga and earned my 250 hour teacher training certificate.

Throughout the 15 years I have been practicing, I have studied other yogic styles as well. These include Iyengar, Kundalini, Bhakti, Restorative Yin, Vinyassa, and Astanga. Every day that I am in a class I am learning new techniques and philosophies to weave into my teachings. I also enjoy learning belly dance. I can feel within each modality I study how all the layers complement one another to a create a more clear and whole picture. I like to look for the common thread within everything to find the truth. I will always be truly a student at heart. I am deeply grateful to have an opportunity to share my enthusiasm with you.

By blending both body movement and Eastern mystic teachings, I feel yoga has always been there for me, deepening as I focused my studies and practice.  As a teacher, I feel passionate about sharing what I’ve learned with others. I am excited to help you develop a yoga practice in which to achieve balance in the body and mind, and cultivate  inner peace.

Jessica’s Classes

Gentle Flow (Beginners Welcome)

Wednesdays from 5:15 to 6:15pm

My goal within the classes I offer is to help you by connecting through yoga, to your Highest Self and the Highest Self of those around you.  This is a practice that aims to help you create inner-peace. We will always begin by connecting with our breath and centering in our bodies. Slow warm ups and fluid movements give way to a gentle, deeper practice. Shavasana will integrate it all, and allow you to feel lighter in your body and softer in your heart.

All are graciously welcome to practice this ancient art of living and receive its many healing benefits- regardless of level of experience, religious background or beliefs.