Jamie Knox


Jamie Knox began practicing yoga in 2004 because she worked at a yoga studio and might as well know what she was talking about. She resisted it for as long as she could, though, because she knew she’d have to face the fact that the life she was living was not authentic. Indeed yoga did open her up to this truth and she left Hollywood shortly after. Since then she’s been on and off the yogic path, sometimes with grace, sometimes not. One day, while living in Texas, she decided to just drive to a yoga studio and perhaps she’d get out of the car and return to her practice; she did not. Another day, however, she did. She became a certified 200 hr teacher in 2010, finished grad school, and taught college level theatre and yoga simultaneously. She and her husband moved here recently from Texas in an effort to live a less stressful life and now she’s grateful to serve at Asheville Community Yoga. She’s a student of Ayurveda, a student of yoga, and an actress. Her style is eclectic with roots in Anusara, Ashtanga and Kundalini yoga. Her classes focus on letting go, accepting oneself, and proper body alignment, and always include an opening and closing chant and a brief meditation. She also has a youtube channel where she breaks down yoga poses and you are welcome to inquire with her if you’d like more information.

Jamie’s class

Vinyasa Flow (L1&2)

Wednesdays from 8:00 to 9:00 am

This vinyasa class is designed to connect our bodies, movement and the early morning to our breath. Designed for those with some yoga experience, we will move from one asana to another, creating heat, strength and balance; directives will be called for modifications. As we complete our flow we will spend time on the floor exploring longer holds in restorative postures and will end class with pranayama and meditation. All classes will begin and end with chanting OM to connect us in community with this universal sound.