Hanna Zalesky

Hanna Headshot
With the foundation of a childhood yoga practice, Hanna began to feel more seriously drawn to yoga in 2010. She has since completed a 200-hour teacher training and is grateful for the opportunity to share the joy of the practice. 
Hanna is interested in the benefits of yoga for the subtle body and the impact of the practice on the way that we relate and balance our bodies and minds. She’s enchanted by the power of yoga as a component of holistic self-care.

Hanna’s class

Gentle Flow (All Levels, Beginners Welcome)

Tuesdays from 9:30 to 10:30 pm

This gentle class fosters the connection between breath and movement in a sweet and mindful way. Accessible to those with varying levels of experience, this class moves through sequences intended to stretch and strengthen the body and relax and renew the mind. A balance of stillness and movement makes this class calming but playful.  With attention to accessibility, comfort and alignment, Gentle Flow is designed to leave you feeling refreshed and balanced.