Darleen Benson


Darleen began a yoga practice almost 40 years ago. During recent years, as she has experienced the inevitable changes of an aging body, she has relied increasingly upon yoga to maintain strength, flexibility, balance, mindfulness and joy.

When she began to fall in love with Asheville Community Yoga several years ago, she was inspired to complete their 250-Hour Teacher Training program and to pursue additional training in Therapeutic Yoga for Seniors through the Yoga 4 Seniors Teacher Training offered through Duke University’s School of Integrative Medicine. She has also completed a course on Yoga for Osteoporosis and Osteopenia which has deeply influenced her asana practice and teaching style.

Her passion and pleasure today is in finding her voice as a teacher of others who are “Coming of Age” in bodies that are changing, becoming increasingly unable to perform like “they used to”. There is joy and celebration, art and mystery in growing old, and there is no better way to take that journey than as a Yogi.

Darleen’s classes

Chair Yoga (Beginners Welcome)

Fridays from 10:15 to 11:00 am

This class uses a chair as a prop in order to allow accessibility for most anyone to practice Yoga. Many traditional Yoga poses can be performed in a chair or using a chair to aid with balance or accessibility, even for those with limitations. We will focus on postural alignment, breath, range of motion and balance so that students will leave practice feeling relaxed and refreshed and more aware of their body’s ability to move in many ways. There are also elements of this practice that can be incorporated into a workday for those who sit at a desk or computer most of the day. All are welcome!

Integrative Yoga for Seniors (Beginners Welcome)

Fridays from 2:00 to 3:00 pm

As we move through the later decades of life, our bodies lose postural integrity, mobility and bone and muscle strength.  This often leads to living with pain which is avoidable.

In this class you will learn to create and maintain a flexible spine that is in neutral alignment.  The practice is designed to prevent and treat back pain, osteoporosis and the postural changes of aging.

You will practice therapeutic postures that increase flexibility, balance, strength and mobility.  This is a breath-centered practice which links movement with breathing techniques to center and calm you.

You will practice deep relaxation and serenity, with reduction of stress and anxiety.

The practice will include many ways to integrate yoga into your daily routine to create “off-the-mat” mindfulness of natural posture, breath, flexibility, strength and balance.