Cara McKinney

Cara McKinney
Exposed to yoga first via late night fitness TV and a set of VHS tapes some 20 years ago, my life was set on an almost undetectable path. At 17, I’d never visited a “yoga studio”. After moving to Charleston for college, I discovered what it felt like to be in a class, instructed by live people. It was awesome and to this day amazes me!
After receiving an art and creative writing degree I took a couple years to let a personal practice marinate, I completed my 200 hr YTT at Holy Cow Yoga in Charleston. After which I moved to Asheville. Since, I’ve studied Sanskrit, kids yoga, vinyasa flow (Sadhana Yoga Chi with Doug Swenson), and a myriad of other practices. In 2011, I traveled to Vietnam for a 100 hr Yoga Psychology training. Upon my return, I discovered Thai Yoga Bodywork which requires a massage license to practice in North Carolina. So, off to Costa Rica to study massage therapy. Home in 2013, and a licensed massage therapist (NC #13411), I almost immediately got wait listed and accepted to Asheville Yoga Center’s 300 hr therapeutic YTT. Through all of this and a lot of evolution I’ve come to hold several things very closely for my practice and my teaching.
One, no two bodies are put together exactly the same, therefore I don’t believe there is a single or rigid alignment for any yoga posture. Two, we yogis don’t work for yoga, it works for us. And finally, I love what Judith Lasater has to say, “Practice is important not serious.” Not saying there isn’t a time and place for austerity, but it is really ok to be light hearted, laugh, and ask questions during my classes.
I love teaching a variety of styles and am so grateful to be coming back to Asheville!! I’ll be diving headfirst into everything from chair and therapeutic yoga, to Art in Yoga (ask me about this if you are intrigued) and kids yoga. So filled with gratitude!!! Look forward to seeing you on the mat!!

Cara’s Class

Vinyasa Flow (L1&2)

Thursdays from 4:00 to 5:00 pm

This class is about positive, mindful movement and really tuning in, listening and allowing breath to propel motion. Starting low with a slow warm up and moving into a fun flow series to create a warm and dynamic conversation between or mind and all our body bits. Then melting our way back down to the ground for a sweet cool down and savasana. This class can be as challenging as you’d like it to be. There will always be modifications and variations offered.