Bridget Herring

bridget herring

Bridget Herring discovered yoga in 2002 and recently completed a 250 RYT hour teacher training through Asheville Community Yoga in 2014. She has studied a variety of yogic styles believing that they have each unfolded and served her in just the right moments and is currently heavily influenced by alignment based practices. Bridget believes that when we align our bodies and build a safe, strong and healthy container for them to exist in, that this is when we are truly able to open to grace and find freedom and expansion in both our physical bodies and in our souls. Yet, being a dancer at heart, Bridget weaves a subtle flow within this alignment based practice.

Bridget’s class

Gentle Flow (All Levels, Beginners Welcome)

Tuesdays from 1:30 to 2:45 pm

Take time out of your day to check in. This class is designed to stretch the body and mind from the tips of our toes all the way up the spine. Each class will start with a restorative pose, followed by a warm up of the body through a series of movements and postures connected to the breath, bringing just enough vigor and movement into the body to taste the tapas (or heat), then will wind down to corpse pose (also known as savasana) and conclude with a brief meditation. You will leave feeling refreshed and focused as you flow through the rest of your day.