Allen Horowitz


I’ve been teaching Yoga, Exercise, and QiGong for over 30 years. It all started as a teenager when an enlightened chiropractor suggested that I study Yoga to relieve back pain caused by a birth defect.

After starting to learn from a book, I discovered that Swami Vishnudevananda had a retreat in the Bahamas, so I flew down and immersed myself in his teachings for several weeks. I was hooked. Next I found a chiropractor in New York City that taught Yoga based exercise, and after studying with him for a year, he asked me to teach. After three years of teaching, I opened The Body Shop in East Hampton, New York, a Yoga, T’ai Chi, Exercise and massage studio that is still running successfully. I also founded the Fitness Center of East Hampton and ran it for 13 years.In 1996 I became a licensed Massage Therapist, and 21 years ago I started studying Qigong. I have studied with Don Ahn, Malik, Song Arun, Michael Winn, Minka De Vos, and Roger Jahnke OMD among others. After studying with Master Song Arun for 7 years he suggested that I teach The Five Treasures form. I enjoy bringing the skills of cultivating Qi to my students – it’s my passion and mission.

Allen’s class

Qi Gong (All Levels)

Mondays from 5:30 to 6:30 pm

We will learn to feel Qi, accumulate it, and move it throughout your body. We’ll use tapping to stimulate the main acupuncture points, and learn movements, from various forms of Qigong.   The goal is to learn how to start a practice, or add to your Yoga to improve health and peace of mind. We’ll have fun generating and playing with this universal energy that surrounds and permeates everything! Those already practicing may learn forms that you have yet to study. Suitable for all (it can even be done sitting if necessary)