Teachers & Class Descriptions

All of our teachers donate their time as seva (service work) to the community. They include some of the most beloved and passionate teachers in Asheville and they offer these classes as a sincere gift from the heart.


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Amber Acheson

In 2007 I was given the opportunity to move to Asia to teach English as a second language. Without a doubt I knew I had to go; I knew there was a bigger purpose to this opportunity. I had been in search of something vital I felt was lacking from my life for a long time, but I could never quite define what it was that was missing. Within just a short time of living overseas it seemed as though my search was finally over. I found yoga and through yoga I found what I had been unconsciously searching for my entire life, myself.

I traveled through Asia learning the traditions and techniques of yoga in different countries including: The Philippines, China (Tibet), Nepal and India where I was trained in traditional Hatha Yoga and completed my 200 hr Yoga Alliance Certification.

When my breath moves my body and my mind to that soft quiet space within I’m able to reconnect to my true self and know that I am a free and peaceful soul. I no longer have to be burdened by the worries and fears of this world because I have my breath and my breath is the gateway to life and peace on Earth. I want to invite others to join me in the sacred practice that is yoga and experience the beauty, wisdom and light that is true life.

Amber’s Classes

Getting to Your Core on Mondays from 12:15pm – 1:45pm

Achieving core strength is about much more than gaining a flat stomach; it’s about having a healthy posture, reduced back pain and the ability to perform everyday tasks with more ease and comfort. Often we associate only the abdominal muscles with the core, but actually the core includes all muscles that help support the trunk of the body. In this class we will move through a yoga flow sequence touching not only the abdominal muscles but also activating those muscles in our back, hips and pelvis allowing us to cope with the daily demands on our bodies more easily. In yoga we believe our personal power dwells in our core or solar plexus. This class will also incorporate pranayama and meditation techniques that will aim to move the energy in this part of our bodies improving our digestive systems and self-esteem.

Flow yourself to sleep on Mondays from 8:00pm – 9:30pm

Let the burdens of the day fade away as we move slowly and mindfully through the poses of Hatha Yoga. The first part of the class will focus on moving and opening with intention each joint removing any blockages and allowing energy to move freely through the body. From there we will transition into moon salutation sequences moving deeper into our bodies and out of heads, giving thanks and letting go of the day. The end of the class will focus on deep slow stretches and a short meditation with the intention to fully release anything and everything you may still be carrying that does not serve you so that you may go home feeling totally relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep.

Morning Flow on Thursday from 9:30am – 11:00pm

This is a gentle flow class appropriate for all levels. We will move mindfully through a traditional hatha yoga sequence keeping our focus on our breath and our awareness on the energy that this moving through our body. My intention for this class is to guide practitioners in opening their hearts to a new day, feeling the love and compassion that moves through their bodies, and identifying the power they have within themselves to allow that energy to flow beyond the boundaries of their bodies helping to create a more peaceful experience on Earth.

Hot Flow on Friday from 6:00pm – 7:30pm

This is a great class for anyone looking for a good mental and physical detox at the end of the week. I set the room temperature to about 90 degrees. The heat helps open our bodies allowing us to release toxins and impurities while softening and feeling into deeper stretches. We will move our bodies mindfully through a traditional hatha yoga sequence learning and taking in all the benefits yoga has to offer. We will warm our bodies up by moving through sun-salutations. Clear and precise instruction will be given ensuring that you are in the correct pose with proper alignment even if this is your very first yoga class. From sun-salutations we will move into standing pose sequences improving our strength and stability. We will slowly make our way down to our mats for some deep forward and backward folds increasing our flexibility and calming our minds. We will end with various inversions improving all systems of the body before final relaxation in shavasana. This practice is a perfect start to any weekend.


I happened upon my first yoga class out of curiosity my freshman year in college and after leaving in tears of release I knew this was something I needed in my life. I kept going to more and more classes, feeling as if I had a deep-rooted void that needed to be filled with yoga. After just a few months I began teaching a couple classes a week, which quickly doubled as I was realizing my passion for lighting the same spark I experienced in myself for others. Taking the time to join a 9-month teacher training at my local studio was perhaps the best decision I made in my college career as I soon realized I knew almost nothing about the true nature of yoga, not just the asana… With attaining my master’s in Exercise Science I enjoyed linking the ancient yogic beliefs and techniques to modern science and seeing them validated over and over in research and personal experience. After about 7 years of teaching experience, graduate school with research applying chair yoga for individuals with chronic lung disease, and my desire for more and more knowledge, I have found myself right where I need to be! My teaching style allows you to have fun while challenging yourself and learning all that yoga has to provide in your life.

Aleen’s Classes

Deep Soul Flow on Sunday’s from 11:30am – 12:30pm (Level 1 & 2)

Sometimes described by my students as having a “quiet intensity” I enjoy providing a steady challenge, truly “sitting with” each posture and following every breath through the process. The class will build on a core concept, a theme that gradually develops, until you’re doing postures you may never have experienced before! We leave our ego at the door and explore our edge with rhythmic sequences that take you deep into the challenge. Come to this class if you want an intense flow, to defy your idea of limitations, and leave with an amazing buzz for life.

Ann Mundy

A graduate of Subtle Yoga Teacher Training in Asheville and The Thinking Body – The Feeling Mind in Los Angeles, Ann also studied at Continuum (Moving Medicine with Emilie Conrad) and Forrest Yoga in Santa Monica, and uses Viniyoga and Energy Medicinetechniques. She recently took a break from years of yoga to do extensive research on the sacroiliac joint and low back problems. In the process, she developed Bluebird Yoga, a yoga practice that healed her chronic pain – from her neck to her low back. Ann is also an award-winning TV documentary producer-director whose work has been seen by millions around the world. She often includes multi-media of anatomy in her classes.

Ann’s Class:

Back, Breath and Beyond on Tuesday from 12:15pm -1:45pm (Beginners Welcome)

Back Care Yoga combines therapeutic postures and breathing techniques that alleviate back and neck pain, develop abdominal strength for back support, great posture, and renewed energy.

Anna Ferguson


Yoga found me at age 22, around 11 years ago. Yoga is my true north, the compass that guides me through all sorts of challenges I’ve faced including divorce, chronic illness and traumatic loss. Because of yoga, through it all I’ve been able to see the beauty in my truth, in my present moment and that has shown me the power that resides within me to live the life of my dreams. It has shown me that Compassion and Love are the True North stars of happiness, leading me to become the person I’ve always known was inside my heart.

Come practice with me to learn how to access that power of your own heart. You hold within you all that you need for happiness, health and loving relationships. I offer you the wisdom of my journey to illuminate your own, and I will give you the tools I’ve gathered to peel off the layers from your consciousness and uncover your brightest self.

I have completed my 200 hour Yoga Instructor certification through the Asheville Yoga Center in 2007 and completed my Yin Yoga Instructor certification in May 2008. I am working toward my 500 hour certification. I have also completed a certification course in Therapeutic Yoga. And as always, I am a student of life.

Anna’s Class

Yin Yoga with Anna on Friday from 2:15pm – 3:35pm (L1)

Yin Yoga will give you the key to understanding how to manage your mind, body and spirit to develop a regular meditation practice, as well as balance our active, on-the-go lives and yoga practices. You whole being needs the deep, slow and complete rest that Yin Yoga can provide. Appropriate for all levels, even if you have never done yoga before! You will leave refreshed, invigorated and full of a profound peace that will positively affect your whole life.

Yin yoga is different from other yoga styles because of the following guidelines:

1. We focus on the non-muscular tissues – the bones, ligaments, and fascia of the body.

2. We hold poses from 3-5 minutes, sometimes longer. Don’t worry though, the poses are designed to be supportive and restful, while still challenging your mind and body.

3. The practice is very meditative, with guided techniques to focus the mind and observe the breath.



Autum is a graduate from the Cayce/Reilly School of Massotherapy in 2004, she is a certified Massage Therapist and is currently studying her Masters in Acupuncture and Chinise Medicine at Daoist Traditions here in Asheville. She found a love for the practice of Yoga in 2006 and learned very quickly that Yoga made her life more joyous and abundant. She believes the mat is a place of empowerment, awareness and reflection; as it gives her space to break down barriers so she could take what she learns on the mat and apply and share it. Being a student of life, the world and cultures, she dove into teaching in 2011 with Baron Baptiste’s Level One in Hawaii and then received her 200hr certification with Lalit Kumar at Himalaya Yoga Valley Yoga School in McLeodganji, India while traveling through Asia.

Autum’s Classes

Hot Ashtanga Power Flow on Saturday from 8:30am – 9:45am

This class is a mix of her two loves of asana practice. In class we will use Ashtanga’s diligent focus on breath, bandhas and the primary series while mixing in Power Yoga for some flavor, heat and most importantly FUN! Open to all levels, ages, body types and physical abilities as it is adaptable to everyone through modifications, assists and adjustments. There is no doubt that you will break a sweat! Come prepared with a towel, yogitoe or yoga rug; be hydrated and ready to shine!

Brian Winslett

Brian has been practicing Yoga since 2001 and earned his 230 hour teacher training certification at the Asheville Yoga Center in 2008. He is now working on his RYT500 hour certification. His first and most influential teacher was in the Kripalu tradition but he has specifically made Yoga is own path and continues to study with a wide variety of teachers from differing traditions. He follows the path of integration of diverse styles of yoga and believes in personal innovation, as that was the path of the great Yogis of the past century.

As an activist, entrepreneur, community organizer, and teacher of permaculture and sustainability issues, Brian learned first hand how life passions, stress, caffeine induced adrenal fatigue, family duties, modern life, and one’s own shadow self can leave us depleted and virtually crippled in various ways as we age if we do not show up to a practice of union with self. At age 23, Brian began to have extreme back pain due to scoliosis combined with the above elements of an overly ambitious life. It was through an intuitive journey of personal Yoga practice and healing arts that he was able to heal his condition to live a pain free life. At several points in his 10 years of practicing yoga, Brian dropped his Yoga and meditation practice for other passionate pursuits, succumbing to the illusion of “not enough time to practice”. Each time the pain in his back and the associated depression and lethargic shadow self returned.

In 2007, he began realized how to change his relationship to his back condition by to holding compassionate gratitude for his back pain and what he calls his “Conscious Life Practices Barometer”. “My back tells me when I am not living my life consciously. That is, I am not doing my Yoga consistently enough.” Brian began teaching Yoga as a way to “show up” to his practice as a vehicle of service, hoping to give the gift of intuitive self healing that he has discovered for himself. He has experimented intuitively and successfully with methods of self administered myofascial and muscular massage, as well as being a life long enthusiasts of nutrition, especially foods and herbal medicines from local and wild harvested sources. His Yoga philosophy is blended with spirituality of this gritty earth gift.

Brian’s Class:

The Yoga of Induja Praatibha on Tuesdays at 2:15pm – 3:35pm (beginners welcome)

The Yoga of Induja Praatibha, or Intuitive Integration, is simply that; a blending of yoga styles and traditions to find one’s own best medicine of practice. This class helps students to unlock their own internal guru and intuitive healing powers by learning to explore and push/pull one’s own edges of limitations. Practicing principles of integration, or Whole Systems Living, allows one to heal and unlock their own unique internal divine energy, purpose, and clairvoyance. Beginning with a heart centered foundational warm-up of focused pranayama and bold vibrational tonal practice, the class flows through elements of Kripalu, Yin, Flow, Tantra, Anusara, Iyengar, Bhakti, and Forrest Yoga. Working with a compassionate heart centered approach to the duality of grief and praise, the audible breath is used as a vehicle to spiral the practice through a crescendo of peak intensity and then flowing back down to a long shavasana or guided meditation. The class uses music and the hypnotic wave of breath to invoke moments of a shamanic or spiritual cleansing, while at other times pauses to teach specific therapeutic alignment principals. Elements of healing ecstatic dance, intuitive personal edges, and philosophical life tools are woven through the class.

Kelly Moore

Kelly began practicing yoga a little over 6 years ago and completed her YTT in July. She is also a practicing art therapist in town where she enjoys working with children as well. Kelly is excited to be able to share yoga with the kids in the community and believes that yoga can benefit anyone and everyone.Cara’s interest in yoga began when she was around 12 years old. She got instructional yoga VHS’s for Christmas that year. She has practiced in some form or fashion ever since. In the last 8 years or so yoga has become a very important and integral part of her life. In 2008 Cara completed her YTT and has continued to further her education and deepen her practice. She is so excited to get to share yoga with kids. She thinks that the yoga or “union” of practice and the energy of children is one that is tough to beat. Cara feels very thankful to ACYC for making it all possible.

Kelly’s Class:

Kids Yoga on Wednesdays at 4:00 to 4:45pm (5 to 11 year old kids)

Kelly hopes to provide a venue for children to have a basic introduction to the foundations of yoga. More importantly they want to share the wonderful benefits in a fun way which nurtures creativity and fosters self awareness. Each 45 minute class will be a bit different and will include music, games, asanas, breath work, and imagination. Kelly is so excited to play!

Christine North

Christine began practicing Iyengar Yoga in 1995 at one of the first yoga studios in town. She used yoga asana (poses) as a cross training for her active life of horticulture work, cycling, running, hiking, swimming and parenthood. Christine fell in love with Yoga during the early years and has incorporated other styles into her practice including Hatha Flow, Yin Yoga, Ashtanga, Anusara, Kundalini, and Tibetan Heart Yoga. She has enjoyed a daily meditation practice since 2006.

Christine started teaching in the Winter of 2010, and graduated from a 230 hour Teacher Training May 2011. She has begun her 500 hour training and enjoys studying with inspiring local teachers as well as nationally known teachers such as Erich Schiffman, and Richard Freeman.

Christine loves to teach and enjoys the beauty and buddha nature in each human being.

Awareness practice, yoga asana, and meditation continue to be a heart opening present moment daily practice.

Christine’s Class

Fun Flow on Tuesday’s from 6:55-8:00am

This hatha yoga flow class brings mindfulness and presence to each asana, linking the breath with movement. Presence and dropping into the heart-center can remind students of their inherent goodness and pure potential encouraging them to shine!

Gentle warmups will be followed by variations of surya namaskar (sun salutations) to stimulating music as the sun rises. The class will include standing poses, seated poses, hip openers, twists, back and abdominal strengtheners, shoulder openers, balancing poses, pranayama, smiling, enjoying, and deep relaxation.

Please join us!

Doah Chabot


A graduate of the Asheville Yoga Center, Doah Chabot has been teaching yoga internationally since 2007. She has extended her training with Shiva Rea as well as many other extraordinary teachers that she has met during her two years in South Asia. Doah’s classes are based on Vinyasa flow and integrate elements of other styles such as yin, restorative, prana vinyasa and kundalini. Her studies of Thai Massage, Taoist healing arts, Buddhist thought and traditional dance further enhance her class offerings.

Her intention, within a class, is to draw upon her training, experience and intuition to help students to develop strength, openness, peace and awareness and encourage them to cultivate their own personal practice.

Off the mat, She is a chef, clothing designer, singer as well as a student and assistant teacher within the Sunshine School of Traditional Thai Massage in Chiang Mai Thailand.

Doah’s Class

Prana Vinyasa Flow on Thursday from 4:00pm – 5:30pm (all levels)

Prana Vinyasa classes are challenging and invigorating yet suitable for all levels – including beginners. The aim is to open the flow of vital energy in the body through asana and breathwork. With an emphasis on breath and movement, the first part the class flows through gentle warm-ups, pranayama and asana sets that prepare students for focus on a peak asana. The second phase of the class is focused on deep opening and releasing postures, relaxation and preparation for Shavasana.

Doah’s classes are based on Vinyasa flow and integrate elements of other styles such as yin, restorative, Prana Flow and kundalini. Her studies of Thai Massage, Taoist healing arts, Buddhist thought and traditional dance further enhance her class offerings.


I Love Yoga! It’s a platform for experiencing more joy, more loving, more light, and the goodness of all beings. I am grateful to be part of Asheville Community Yoga,a community dedicated to the greater good.

My short story:

I have been a student of yoga since 1990. Yoga rocked my world. After maintaining a daily practice for several years I pursued teaching. In 1996 I began teaching Sivananda yoga. The completion of my teacher certification in 2006, with Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga, was life changing.  In that training I experienced a rawness, a magnificent and humbling space from which to practice yoga. I caught a glimmer of light and authenticity that has inspired my commitment to this style of yoga ever since. Thank you, amazing fellow teachers in the Baptiste community.

I love the Baptiste style, the heat, and the magic that happens when a room full of willing beings shows up to their mats! Moment by moment, breath by breath, we lift ourselves with our yoga practice. We then begin to recognize the reality of our own soul.

Yoga has given me the energy to do other fun stuff too. A couple of my favorite things:

facepainting-laughing-being “Scribbles the Clown” at kids parties-dancing-listening-painting murals-reading-creating-designing “I Am” t-shirts and stuff that makes us feel good-hiking-meditating-Akashic Record Consultations-sharing-playing with my family


Donna’s Classes

Baptiste Yoga on Friday’s from 6:00pm – 7:30pm (All Levels)

The Baptiste style fits right in with Amber’s hot flow class.  All levels are welcome.

We begin with an integration series, then move through sun salutations. This creates internal heat so we can melt away the blocks. We then do a balancing series and triangle series. On to backbends and core work, followed by hips, inversions and sivasana. Ahhhhh…

Eric Seiler

Eric Seiler fell in love with yoga in 1999 when he started practicing every day at home, from a book, as an experiment, to see what would happen. He very quickly noticed positive effects in all aspects of his life. He was hooked and wanted to learn more. He began by immersing himself in yoga study through volunteering for several months at Kripalu, the largest center in the world for yoga and holistic health. He then pursued teacher-trainings and extensive studies with top-level Anusara teachers, where he learned powerful bio-mechanical alignment principles, and how to discover the pose as an expression of beauty and joy. He radically expanded his understanding of the body in 2005, when he began his journey as a full-time Rolf Bodywork Practitioner. Out of a deep yearning for true understanding of yoga and to maximize the potential of yoga through meditation practice, he met his teacher, Rod Stryker, in the summer of 2003. Through Rod’s guidance, Eric has come to know yoga as a supreme, scientifically sound path for optimal health, personal evolution, and fulfillment in life. Eric’s intention as a teacher is to draw his students into the joy of yoga and to support them in cultivating a personal home-practice for maximum benefit. You can find more information about Eric, and his other work as a Rolf Bodywork Practitioner, at his web-site, www.BodyWorksBetter.com.

Eric’s Class

Yoga for Health and Happiness on Wednesday from 2:15pm – 3:35pm (all levels)

This all levels class is intended to encourage and support a consistent and doable yoga and meditation practice at home. With three primary goals – physical vibrancy, emotional balance, and mental clarity – this class will serve as a foundation for the discovery of deep peace and the true personal power that lies beneath the activity of the mind. Each class will conclude with a brief meditation. We will explore: A gentle and strengthening sequence of postures; Joyful focus on the breath and optimal alignment; Choosing appropriate practices for emotional balance and mental clarity; Lifestyle considerations for supporting your personal constitution and your practice; Meditation as a means to realizing one’s creative potential and consistent peace of mind; Techniques to make meditation more accessible and rewarding; Life as an expression of joy; Yoga as an ancient tradition.

Erica Campbell

After graduating with a BS in Education, concentrating in Philosophy and Social Sciences in 2006, I went to work for a doctor’s office in California.

Here I saw the genuine need for a sustainable solution to chronic pain and psychological afflictions (along with so many other aliments that people struggle with daily).  In my search for a natural, effective way of helping people I found asana, mantra and pranayama; immediately I knew that I was onto something big… something truly life changing.  Celebrating in this amazing discovery, I spent a lot of time during these years traveling and becoming immersed in yoga of all kinds.  After moving back to the mountains of NC, that once solid practice began slipping.  I found myself in a precarious relationship and came to the realization that my focus was no longer where I wanted it to be.  I knew this was my wake up call- this newfound awareness and clarity helped send me deeply into my practice again.  Yoga has the capacity to heal not only our bodies, but our minds and hearts as well.  Yoga allows us all to see who we truly are and always have been.  Yoga is not a destination found in achieving a certain pose, it is a beautiful and playful journey.  I sincerely believe that living our yoga each day, whether we are gardening or waiting in line at the market, will collectively make this world a better place!

Erica’s Class

Beginner More Flow on Monday from 8:00-9:00am

This mindful morning flow class is a fun way to start your balanced day!  Manifest your potential as we begin class with the building of heat and intention through sun salutations.  Flowing through balancing, twisting, gentle strengthening, lengthening and inversion poses, our focus will be on fluidity, alignment and breath.  With plenty of modifications for any beginner, my intention is that we leave the class feeling more open to the healing, grace and love that each day has to offer!


Gaia Boyd

Through her studies of various massage modalities and yoga therapy, she has continued to develop her understanding of the physical, spiritual, and energetic components of the bodily experience. She believes a person’s deepest learning comes from her or his own willingness and effort to be present with the immediate moment. Gaia is also a massage therapist, and enjoys any fun activity out in the woods!

“I believe the body to be the greatest source of knowledge and insight. My purpose in every area of my life is to share and witness empowerment of ourselves as individuals and as a community through honesty in our own unique processes. This is the attitude I bring to my teaching, my bodywork, as well as my learning.”

Gaia’s Class:

Morning Flow on Tuesdays from 9:30am – 11:00am (level 1)

Start your day with a balanced combination of invigorating flow, basic alignment instruction, and subtle energy work. This class is suitable for all levels, and an attitude of playfulness is encouraged. How a person practices yoga is deeply connected to how she or he lives life. In this class, you are invited to consider your attitude in challenge and in ease as a way to being more open to life off the mat.


Izzy first fell in love with yoga ten years ago while at college in Burlington, VT, but it was not until January 2010 when Izzy began a daily practice to help cope with the sudden loss of her father to Leukemia. Izzy has felt first hand the tremendous healing and transformative powers yoga offers and is ecstatic to be able to share with others. A recent graduate of Asheville Yoga Center’s teacher training program in May of 2011, Izzy is grateful to have studied with Stephanie Keach, Andrea Dyer, David Williams, Sadie Nardini, Michael Johnson, and Matthew Sweeney. Izzy’s style ranges from deeply meditative to fiercely flowing depending on the class and most of all wants to inspire students to seek the highest truth within themselves on and off the mat.

Izzy’s Class:

Izzy’s Vinyasa Flow Class on Sunday from 4:00pm – 5:30 (levels 1 and 2)

Izzy’s vinyasa flow class features a series of intelligently sequenced poses inspired by vinyasa, or movement with the breath. Each class begins with an offering of ideas to help students center and cultivate a personal intention and then moves along to sun salutation building, tapas or heat. Standing and balance poses follow presenting an opportunity to practice strength and focus. Variations for all levels are offered and different pranayama techniques including ujaye, nadi shodhana,kapalabhati among others are explored.

The occasional challenge pose such as arm balances, inversions, or back bends will be demonstrated and fully explained, allowing all students to find their appropriate edge. The second half of each class is comprised of a series of seated stretches and back bends to create space in the body, heart and mind. Class concludes with an inversion, sivasana, and from time to time, seated meditation.

As Izzy’s greatest teachers have been firmly rooted in the Ashtanga tradition, ujaye breath along with the bandhas are especially emphasized. Feel certain, that you will leave this class with a complete understanding of your mula bandha: where it is, what to do with it and why! Safe alignment cues will also be provided so that students can access maximum benefits from each pose. Expect to work hard in Izzy’s class, fun inspiring music, multiple ways to press against your edges, humor and to leave feeling both energized and relaxed.


Jeri is an E-RYT 500 and has been involved in some form of yoga for over 30 years. Suffice it to say, over those years she has studied, taught, owned a couple of studios, developed and implemented a yoga teacher training based upon a style she created and yadda, yadda, yadda. She earned her Master’s Degree in Health Education from Ohio State University and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, and is a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist.

Currently, she has taken up beekeeping and states, “I thought I had been focused and centered in the past and then I started working with my girls, the bees. Wow… the intense focus of the colony is quite an eye opener. These little girls are totally selfless and absorbed in working for the good of the social organization that is the hive. Talk about great yogini’s. This is the real deal.”

Yoga on and off the mat is key to her way of being and that is one of the reasons that she has decided to be a part of the community that has been created here at the Community Yoga Center. Yoga is not just a pose or a technique or even a philosophy… it is a way of being that opens one up to joyful expansion. After all, it’s just yoga!

Jeri’s Classes

It’s Just Yoga on Thursday from 12:15pm – 1:45pm (levels 1 and 2)

Class begins with slow movements to assist with centering and breath awareness and steadily moves into variations on the more heating sun salutations and flow style yoga postures with some longer cooling yin style holds. The class culminates with relaxation and sitting in order to more fully integrate the practice. The idea of joyfully expanding into freedom has evolved as the mantra for this style of practice.



Kristine Kaoverii Weber, MA, RYT500 took her first yoga course from her hippy social studies teacher in Pennsylvania when she was in sixth grade and has been hooked ever since. She began sharing yoga with others in 1995. Kaoverii began training yoga teachers in 2003 and teaches workshops to yoga teachers and mental health professionals locally in Asheville, regionally and internationally. She is committed to creating opportunities for each student to discover and pursue his or her path to self-realization.

Kaoverii graduated from Georgetown University with a BA/MA in English Literature. She then moved to California to work and pursue her love of yoga and Chinese medicine. She lived, traveled and studied in Japan, Southeast Asia and India for four years.

She has trained in Ananda Marga yoga, Vini yoga, Anusara yoga, Kripalu yoga, Vinyasa yoga and Iyengar yoga, and has an extensive understanding of both physical and energetic alignment. She has also been studying Chinese medicine and Shiatsu since 1990 which has provided her with a deep awareness of body mechanics and energy flow. She has extensive experience teaching a wide variety of students including five years working with the elderly and wheelchair bound and has been trained in Therapeutic Yoga for Seniors at Duke University’s Integrative Medicine.

Kaoverii’s book, Healing Self Massage, Sterling (2005) is a great complement to yoga practice and offers help for a variety of ailments including stress, neck and back pain, insomnia and anxiety. She has also published articles for the International Association of Yoga Therapist’s journal, Yoga Therapy in Practice as well as various health related publications, and has been featured in Redbook, BodySense, Women’s World, and Natural Health magazine and Lifetime TV’s on-line magazine. She is a regular writer for Elephant Journal.

Kaoverii’s Class

Subtle Yoga on Wednesday from 9:30am – 11:00am

Beyond the Pretzel – Subtle Yoga is therapeutic and balancing

Subtle Yoga postures are accessible to most people, adaptable to most abilities, and help you:

* Improve circulation, flexibility and mobility
* Establish better body mechanics to prevent injuries
* Correct maladaptive movement patterns that cause bad posture, discomfort or pain
* Balance your physical and mental energy levels to improve overall health
* Release emotionally-charged holding patterns lodged in the physical body
* Enhance emotional well being, which in turn improves your physical health
* Personal Transformation – Subtle Yoga helps you become:
* Less stressed out, calmer and more peaceful
* Less depressed, tense and/or anxious
* More in touch with your inner Self – body, mind and spirit
* Better connected to your Spiritual Source
* More aware of your life’s purpose (and offers strategies to fulfill it)
* Breathwork for improving health and cultivating relaxation
* Meditation for centering and peace of mind – and to help you connect to your deepest Self and your life’s purpose
* Philosophy including the 8 limbs of yoga to help you move towards the ultimate goal of yoga: enlightenment and Oneness Rooted in the Yoga Tradition

Subtle Yoga will also take you beyond asanas to explore the deeper, more contemplative dimensions of yoga including: Subtle Yoga helps you understand how you learn about yoga and yourself, so that you can then use that skill to actualize your life and accomplish your goals.

Kelly Gilmore


Kelly’s teachings blend from her background of Flow Yoga, Anusara Yoga, and her deep love for nature to create a fun, graceful, energetic class. She is a nationally certified massage therapist and has several hours of therapeutic yoga training.

“I practice yoga for many reasons but mostly to become a more responsible being. Everything we do and think has a ripple effect. In our society today we can create so much stress because we chose to be so busy. By stepping on a sticky mat and opening to nature we grasp a different perspective on life and hopefully live it with more compassion for ourselves and everything that exists. Hope to see you on the mat. Namaste.”

Kelly G.’s Classes

Vinyasa Flow on Wednesday from 12:15pm – 1:45pm (level 1 and 2)

Vinyasa literally means to synchronize breath and movement. starting with pranayama and more simple asana’s to warm up and moving to salutations, standing poses,inversions to cultivate strength and balance and coming back to the floor for ending asana’s. All levels are welcome as very precise instruction and demonstrations are offered to suit your level of practice.

Beginners Flow on Saturday from 10:15am – 11:45am (beginners wecome)

Vinyasa literally means to synchronize breath and movement. starting with pranayama and more simple asana’s to warm up and moving to salutations, standing poses,inversions to cultivate strength and balance and coming back to the floor for ending asana’s. All levels are welcome as very precise instruction and demonstrations are offered to suit your level of practice.


Krystal Kinnunen has been a yoga and meditation practitioner for over 10 years. After studying vinyasa under Shiva Rea, she went on to pursue her yoga teacher’s certification in Kundalini Yoga through IKYTA and trained with master teachers Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Gurushabd Singh Khalsa, Tej Kaur Khalsa, Harijiwan Singh Khalsa, & Nirvair Singh & Kaur Khalsa. It was during her training that she received her spiritual name Siri Gobind Kaur which means: one who serves, helps and sustains everyone. Krystal is also studying Classical Chinese Medicine.

Krystal’s Class

Kundalini Yoga on Friday from 7:45am – 9:00am

Kundalini yoga classes are a dynamic blend of postures, pranayam, mantra, music and meditation, which teach you the art of relaxation, self-healing and elevation. Balancing body and mind enables you to experience the clarity and beauty of your soul. No previous experience in yoga is required for you to achieve results with your very first class. Men of great knowledge actually found out about the chakras – their workings, their petals, their sounds, their infinity, their co-relationship, their powers. They found that the life of a human is totally based on these chakras. This total science gave birth to Kundalini Yoga.

Lewis Rothlein


Over the 20 years I’ve practiced yoga (and dozen years that I’ve taught), I have found it to be a fountain that brings gifts from so many directions, many of them unexpected. My yoga journey began with the Iyengar style, moved to Bikram and Anusara, but when I discovered Ashtanga, I found my passion. I loved it so much that I stopped running marathons (which I had done for years), and began focusing on the yoga, and it has not disappointed. I loved it so much that I began teaching it full time, and became a studio owner along with my wife (in Winter Park, FL) for ten years.

Yes, Ashtanga yoga is an incredible workout, but it runs much deeper than that. It is made for creating inner peace. Because it is a series of poses, eventually the body knows what comes next and leads you through the practice. Meanwhile, you are focusing on the sweet sound of your breathing, and your mind naturally goes quiet, and you go into a world away from the world, a peaceful place that is a wonderful bedrock in your life. You are moving and engaged through the whole practice. Physically, Ashtanga not only tones and strengthens the entire body, but gets the body flexible, more flexible than any other style of yoga I’ve practiced. Because you practice the same poses every time, you are continually refining them, and feeling progress. Somehow – and this is one of Ashtanga’s mysteries – doing this yoga feels fresh every time, like it’s the first time. Ashtanga teaches you patience, humility, persistence, and confidence. It leaves you feeling perfect – balanced, energized, warm, and happy.

My main teacher is David Swenson, from whom I’ve taken five teacher trainings, including one in the Second Series of Ashtanga (a series that is a lot of fun!). I have taken a teacher training also with his brother Doug, and have taken workshops with Manju Jois, David Williams, Richard Freeman, Max Strom, Shiva Rea, Rolf Gates, Larissa Carlson, Cora Wen, J.J. Gormley, and others, and I am an RYT.

There are hard core Ashtanga teachers and I, like my teacher, am not one of them. I provide modifications for all poses, and do not believe that this is a no-pain-no-gain practice. Put effort into it, yes, but if you are tired, rest. From what students tell me, you will feel empowered in my class, not intimidated. And those yoga gifts – expected and unexpected – will continue to come to you, even after 20 years!

Lewis’ Classes

Ashtanga Flow on Wednesday from 8:00pm – 9:30pm (level 1 and 2)

In the first 15 minutes of class, we gently warm up, and I go over a yoga pose or principle in detail, to help refine your practice. Then we do Ashtanga yoga. Modifications will be presented for all poses that call for it. We begin with Sun Salutations to get you warm and loose, followed by standing poses that give the body a marvelous basic alignment. Then we sit down for poses that extend and fine tune what the standing poses started, more deeply opening the joints and muscles. Whenever you come to a pose, your body is ready for it. After sitting poses come backbends and inversions (modifications presented for all), then final meditative poses, and Savasana (final relaxation). The feedback I get is that I am good at describing how to get into poses, and what you should be working on and feeling in the poses.

In most classes we will do every pose of Ashtanga’s Primary Series, with some of the vinyasas (connecting movements between poses) left out. In some classes, the beginning mini-lesson will be left out and we will do Primary Series with all vinyasas, and in some others, I will mix in poses from Second Series. People who have never done Ashtanga yoga should feel comfortable in this class, and people who have will feel happy and at home. Over time your yoga gets better and you grow to love this practice more and more.

Lindsay Fields

For over a decade now Lindsay Fields has immersed herself in the practice of hatha yoga. Her first and most inspirational teacher is Jimmy Barkan, creator of The Barkan Method. Jimmy’s approach to Hot Yoga (in the lineage of Bishnu Ghosh) opened Lindsay up to the healing benefits of yoga practice. Within just a few months of regular practice, she experienced dramatic results with a life long struggle with allergies and depression. Lindsay has explored many styles of yoga since but eventually returned to Jimmy Barkan to complete her 200 hour teacher training in the Barkan Method. Now, as her personal practice and education in yoga continues to grow, Lindsay’s offerings as a yoga teacher grow as well. Her ever-increasing knowledge of anatomy and the therapeutic applications of yoga, combined with her curious and adventurous nature has resulted in an expansive and creative approach to hatha yoga.

Lindsay’s Class

Hot Flow on Saturday from 12:15pm – 1:45pm (level 1 and 2)

Hot yoga classes are high energy with a focus on alignment details and core strengthening in order to heal and build resiliency in the body and mind. Inspired by Jimmy Barkan and Bikram Choudhury, a typical class begins with a vinyasa sequence and then flows into the more traditional hot yoga postures. Lindsay blends the high energy aspects with more peaceful, restorative moments. In addition to the heat, Lindsay turns up the MUSIC with playful, upbeat music to “make yoga” to.

Lindsay’s teaching style is light-hearted and playful with an intention of providing students with a tangible reference of their potential for personal transformation. Her classes are sequenced as a flow of yoga poses linked with the breath (vinyasa) and provide students with a physical challenge appropriate for them. Modifications and hands-on assists are offered as a way to personalize the practice for each individual. Pranayama practice (yoga breathing techniques), creative visualizations and meditation are woven into the sequence making each class a potentially transformational experience. In Lindsay’s Hot Yoga classes, the room is heated to 85-95 degrees which allows for a deeper release within the body, lessens chance of injury, speeds healing and flushes toxins from the body. Lindsay’s students leave class feeling empowered to apply the lessons of yoga practice to their every-day lives.

Hot Core on Tuesday from 8:00pm to 9:30pm (level 1 and 2)

High energy with a focus on alignment details and core strengthening in order to heal and build resiliency in the body and mind. Inspired by Jimmy Barkan and Bikram Choudhury, a typical class begins with a vinyasa sequence and then flows into the more traditional hot yoga postures. Lindsay blends the high energy aspects with more peaceful, restorative moments. In addition to the heat, Lindsay turns up the MUSIC with playful, upbeat music to “make yoga” to.

Mado Hesselink

Mado began practicing yoga in college as a way to balance her body from intense martial arts training. Immediately falling in love with yoga, she soon found herself doing more yoga than martial arts and has been a dedicated practitioner ever since.  Mado love to stay active and enjoys hiking, dancing, aerial arts, and crossfit.

Teaching yoga  since 2005, Mado continues to pursue her yoga studies by completing multiple teacher trainings in different styles of yoga including vinyasa flow, anusara, and therapeutic yoga.  Her classes strive to strike a balance between alignment, exploration, and fun. Find out more on her website trueselfyoga.com. 

In addition to teaching public classes, Mado’s passion is helping new teachers hone their skills.  She is honored to be on the staff of the Asheville Community Yoga Teacher training, as well as other regional teacher training programs.  She is also the creator of teachingyoga.net, a yoga teacher knowledge base.

Mado’s Classes

Beginner Yoga on Tuesday from 6:00pm – 7:30pm

The unhurried pace and simple poses make this class great for beginners while the detailed alignment instructions and spiritual context keep it interesting and valuable for all levels of yoga students. Because of a bias on building the strength and stability needed to bring more challenging poses within reach, this won’t feel like the easiest class on the schedule — but it will be presented in a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment. Expect a well rounded class that includes poses, breath, meditation, and philosophy.

Level 2 Align and Flow on Tuesday from 8:00-9:00am

This class is for people in good physical condition who have a regular dedicated yoga practice. In this one hour class, we will move efficiently through an invigorating sequence designed to give you energy for your day. Please have a solid working knowledge of alignment and be able modify for any injuries or physical limitations.

Margaret Kirschner

My relationship with yoga began with skeptism and curiosity. Yoga seemed very mysterious but I wanted to experience the effects for myself. I was expecting to uncover some big marketing hype but instead found a vital connection to my strength and my spirit that I realized I could plug into, through the practice of yoga. From that first class, some spark was ignited and over time the lights came on and the brightness level continues to increase as I continue to learn. I have been trained in the Kripalu Yoga tradition and have been teaching continuously and enthusiastically for 11 years. I teach therapeutic yoga to cultivate healing and balance and prenatal yoga to promote a healthy pregnancy and labor. I am also a birth doula, a trained companion during pregnancy, labor and early postpartum. I am happiest when I am teaching yoga and supporting people in their efforts to develop their human capacities to their fullest possible expression.

Margaret’s Class

Therapeutic Yoga Class on Thursday from 2:15pm – 3:35pm (all levels, beginners welcome)

This class is for anyone who has a body which is experiencing physical or emotional pain. Rather than fighting, ignoring, tolerating or numbing it, we can use therapeutic yoga to listen to its unique language, cooperate with it and explore how to cocreate safe space and mobility. A human body is a temporary gift and one of its most amazing capacities is the ability to heal and return to balance. Physical and emotional pain is a wonderful gift we’ll all receive. It’s a personal guru that can be tapped to learn how to consciously move energy into the sensitive areas, proceed slowly enough to listen, feel, adapt and learn how to come back to balance. When balance is found, healing happens.

Guided Meditation on Sundays from 8:30-9:15am

Meditation does not require a quiet mind, rather it is a technique to find the quiet that is already there. Thinking through to enlightenment doesn’t work, nor does attempting to coerce the mind to empty. Come, sit, stay and heal through the practice of guided meditation. We’ll begin with gentle yoga to wake up the body followed by breathing (pranayama) techniques to foster equanimity, leading to a guided meditation designed to move you forward toward the inner state of luminosity, love and wisdom often called the “true Self.”

Beginner Yoga on Sundays from 9:30-11:00am

For those who are beginners or are beginning again, learn the essentials of alignment, breath awareness, mindful movement and the joy of yoga.  We’ll set up a safe and steady structure from which to explore the vast inner spaciousness in body and mind.  Show up as you are and leave renewed, both energized and relaxed, beginning the week ahead with a strong body and balanced mind.

Gentle Yoga Flow on Sunday from 6:00pm to 7:30pm

Slow it down, breathe into the new available spaces and savor the experience of paying compassionate attention to your limits while pressing into a further movement possibility. Free your joints, relax your overstressed places and strengthen your weak spots with a gentle practice that will guide your body and mind back into balance. This is the class in which “less is more” makes sense.


Marilyn began her study of yoga and meditation over 35 years ago. She believes, ideally, yoga should be a life-long and ever-changing practice that keeps us healthy and balanced and that fosters conscious awareness of our spiritual growth and evolution. She is certified in both Interdisciplinary Yoga and Kripalu Yoga and is registered with the National Yoga Alliance. She has been teaching yoga and meditation for the past twelve years and recently finished her certification as an Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist. She teaches a non-authoritarian style of hatha yoga that emphasizes one’s practice as a personal process of self –discovery and self- development. Marilyn’s classes are often quiet and meditative, inviting the student to slow down and be fully present as movement, breath and consciousness are explored. Students are encouraged to listen to their body; to practice with compassion!

Marilyn’s Class

Gentle Vinyasa on Monday from 2:15pm- 3:35pm (level 1)

Linking breath to movement we will move through smooth, rhythmic, movements – not too fast, not too slow. Classic yogic postures combined with creative movement that feels good to the body. Attention to the breath and being present in each moment is emphasized. Enjoying movement is emphasized! This class is meditation in motion. Appropriate for all levels.

Michael Greenfield

Michael has been in the practicing school of yoga for over 22 years. He began teaching yoga in 2003 & has been dedicated to serve others in the path of Yoga & relationship work. Igniting passion & demonstrating love are Michael’s two favorite subjects. Michael is the co-founder & executive director of the center.

I am blessed & honored to be part of this most incredible miracle the community has created. YOGA -YOGA-YOGA I love Yoga.

Michael’s Classes

Beginner Yoga for men /  Tuesday 6:00-7-00pm

This class is for the beginner man who is inflexible &  intimidated  by the regular gym style workout. This class also offers advanced instruction for men who have been doing yoga for some time. You will receive  detailed instruction on how to stretch in a safe & healthy manner. Modifications are always offered. Learn how to move into poses with grace & vulnerability. It’s time to feel the value you bring to the world. Ages 17-95 . Men’s group following men’s yoga.  7:15-9:00pm. Please inquire about the men’s group at michael@ashevillecommunityyoga.com for more information.

Early Morning Vinyasa Flow on Monday from 6:45 – 7:45am

Strength, focus ,commitment & compassion for the body . A GENTLE series of hatha yoga postures in combination with the breath & the willingness to feel beyond our own body. Practicing the art of staying completely present & relaxed in the mist of the postures. Always asking ourselves why we are here, where we need to go, & who is going to come with us.

 Gentle Flow on Monday from 9:30am – 11:00am

A combination of restorative poses in the beginning of class, then moving into a gentle flow (warming up the body and heart) and finishing with deep relaxation poses . This class will give you the tools to live from your heart one breath at a time. OH YEAH

Early morning Vinyasa Flow on Wednesday from 6:45am – 7:45am (level 1 and 2, beginners welcome)

This class is about strength, focus, commitment & compassion for the body. A GENTLE series of hatha yoga postures in combination with the breath & the willingness to feel beyond our own body. Practicing the art of staying completely present & relaxed in the mist of the postures. Always asking ourselves why we are here, where we need to go, & who is going to come with us. Ages 18 to 80. (That’s right )This is the practice, come join us.

Hot Vinyasa Flow on Monday from 6:00pm – 7:30 and Wednesday from 6:00pm – 7:30pm (level 1 and 2)

Michael’s Hot Vinyasa flow is a combination of strength, balance, focus, sensitivity & humor, with the breath being the main event of the class. Starting each class by warming up the body & heart with sun salutations,then working our way through standing and balancing poses. By this time our bodies are beginning to feel tenderized & ready to receive our true wisdom. Moving right along with hip openers, inversions, (boat pose is a must) spinal twists & finishing with the most important pose of all(savasana) corpes pose or relaxation pose. This class is like a mini retreat, bringing our body back to it’s true wisdom with a gift to share with others.(PLEASE BRING TOWEL,WATER & ARRIVE 15 MINUTES EARLY)

Gentle Flow on Friday from 9:30am – 11am

A gentle flow (warming up the body and heart)with gentle Hatha poses. This class is a slow flow with modifications for all levels . This class will give you the tools to live from your heart one breath at a time. OH YEAH


I began teaching Kindergarten in South St. Petersburg in Florida and was shocked by the behavior of my 5 year students and the stresses, trials, and tribulations that these children faced in there daily lives as such a young age. I began to seek a way to cope with the confusion and sadness I was feeling from my work, and it was from this I found my way to my first yoga class. I was instantaneously blown away at the way the practice could heal you, inside and out. I dove right into the practice. From that first class I start attending class several times a week, to almost daily. It was in the spring of 2009 that I found the ashtanga practice and two incredible teachers Ryan Marino and Jade Skinner teachers that would grow to be my closest friends, they easily gave up their time to share this practice with me, teaching me the postures, teaching me the hands on adjustments and most of all teaching me to cultivate patience, strength, forgiveness, compassion, and so much more, helping me to find my voice as a teacher and the faith as a person to follow my path even when the path my twist and bend. I am baffled to this day by way in which the transformations that take place on the mat in my practice manifest themselves into daily life. A yoga practice teaches us balance, strength, and flexibility… not simply in the body, but in the mind and the soul. First I noticed the change in these qualities in my physical practice, I suppose it is easier that way, its tangible, we can touch the body, see the difference in arch of a backbend etc. It is my pleasure each and everyday to notice these changes off the mat, to embrace them, and to hope that as my mind, body and souls opens and grows I can provide the inspiration and safety for others to do the same.

Nicole’s Class

Astanga Yoga on Tuesday from 4:00pm – 5:30pm (level 1 and 2)

This particular class will be based on the Primary series of ashtanga yoga as taught to me through my teachers Greg Nardi, Kino MacGregor, and Tim Feldman. The primary series of ashtanga yoga is a dynamic vinyasa based practice that links breath with movement. The three basic tenets of an ashtanga practice, breath, bandhas, and dhristi will come alive as we move and flow with deep focus and intention. The ashtanga practice is a very strong practice so each class we will move at the pace that is appropriate for the entire class. It is not a matter of how much we can do physically, the practice is meant to still the mind (citta vrtti nirodha) so the class will move at a pace for all to find stillness, depth, and breath through the postures. As Max Strom illustrates “The goal is not to tie ourselves in knots- we are already tied in knots. The aim is to untie the knots in our hearts. The aim is to unite with the ultimate, loving, and peaceful power in the universe.” Together we will move, together we will breath, and together we will grow. We will use the practice to build strength, to increase balance, and to improve flexibility so that we may incorporate these foundamental qualities into our day to day lives. As the father of ashtanga yoga Sri K Pattabhi Jois states

“yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory”. Through the practice I hope each and every one of you can begin to cultivate direct first hand experience of the fluctuations of the body and mind, and begin to become masters of these!


I discovered power yoga at the gym in 1999 and thanks to the inspirational teaching of Jen Malone and David Vendetti in Boston, I shifted to a consistent practice of Ashtanga yoga. In 2004 I moved to New Orleans and then after the Hurricane to the San Francisco Bay Area where guided by Katrina inspired soul-searching I switched focus from web design to yoga, circus and fire performance, and storytelling. I completed my Yoga Alliance RYT teacher training with Clayton Horton and David Lurey at Greenpath Yoga in 2006 and I pursued additional Ashtanga training since then with David Swenson and Richard Freeman. Though devoted to my roots in Ashtanga, I believe that exploring and practicing a variety of yoga styles provides valuable perspective and have diversified my training with such wonderful teachers as Shiva Rea, Max Strom, Ana Forrest, and Dharma Mittra and have done quite a bit of AcroYoga. While living in the SF Bay I taught both Vinyasa Flow and traditional Ashtanga classes and ran a donation based studio in the Mission. You can discover more at  www.instaryoga.com.

Rich’s Classes

Playful Vinyasa on Sundays from 1:00pm – 2:00pm (All Levels)

Whether you spent the morning meditating, hiking in the woods, or sleeping off a Saturday night on the town, Sunday afternoon is a wonderful time to connect to your yoga practice. This one hour vinyasa flow class will bring you to your center, offer you playfulness and challenges, and leave you with deep relaxation. Though modifications will be offered for students of all levels, familiarity with basic yoga poses such as “downward dog” and “child’s pose” is recommended.

Rich Fabio

Richard Fabio is certified with Yoga Alliance through the Asheville Yoga Center Teacher Training program. He is fully committed to yoga as a way of being, taking yoga well beyond the mat. His early yogic path began with sitting meditation. While his mind approached stillness, he struggled with chronic lower back and neck pain. Rich remembers barely being able to reach his hands past his knees in a forward fold. He quickly realized the importance of a strong physical practice for the process of healing. Rich is now a firm believer in the importance of proper biomechanics to restore the body to wellness. In Rich’s classes, students benefit from fun, dynamic postures combined with insights from his meditation practice. Rich would like to honor and thank his many teachers and the beautiful lessons that have shaped his path, especially his dear friend and guru Gary Weber.

Rich’s Class

Slow Power Flow on Sundays from 2:30-3:30 (Beginners Welcome)

Slow Power Flow is similar to a Flow class, with the distinction of moving a bit more slowly and putting more of an emphasis on biomechanics. There will be more focus on the body’s alignment, within the frame work of a flow class.

Robin and Corey

Corey Costanzo

Corey Costanzo offered the Didgeridoo Meditation at the Esalen Institute’s famed hot tubs, every Wednesday night from 2003-2008. The acoustics in the space, along with the sound of the waves crashing on the shore below, is an ideal environment for experiencing the profound vibrations of the didgeridoo. Ken Dychtwald, best-selling author of Bodymind writes, “Corey Costanzo’s Didgeridoo Meditation is a transportive experience that has left me feeling deeply connected to the mystery of life. One of the best experiences I’ve ever had at Esalen!”

Robin Fann-Costanzo

I began practicing yoga and massage at the Esalen Institute in 1994 and in 2003 created a weekly Restorative yoga class using the asanas, poetry, and sound vibration to invite students to go into a deep refuge of relaxation and self-awareness. I have studied with many teachers, Thomas Fortel, Shiva Rea, Erich Shiffman, Judith Lassiter, and blend my favorite aspects of them all into my teaching. My skills as a bodyworker have helped me to understand and support my yoga students in all stages of their lives. I have a deep love for yoga, and look forward to sharing it with you.

Robin and Corey’s Class

Restoritive Yoga with Digeridoo Meditation on Friday from 4:00pm – 5:15pm

Restorative yoga, introduced to many by B.K.S. Iyengar, is an active relaxation practice. With the use of blankets, bolsters, and straps, the body is put into simple, restful and supportive postures to help reduce muscle tension, relieve stress, help with lymph flow, and induce a relaxed state of being. Restorative yoga is a wonderful practice when you are recovering from illness or injury, to help relieve emotional or physical stress, or to just renew and restore your body at the end of a long day.

The poses are maintained for 10-15 minutes each while focusing on the breath and conscious relaxation. During each pose Robin will offer support through manual adjustments, encouraging words, and poetry, while Corey uses the didgeridoo, and other instruments to take you in the the “dreamstate” of deep presence.

Ryan Kelly

I fell in love with yoga at first breath in 1995 and have been wearing the teacher’s hat since 2007, when I received my 230 hour certification from the Asheville Yoga Center. Currently, I am thrilled to be working on my 500 hour Yoga Therapy certification with Kaoveri Weber’s Subtle Yoga program. I don’t follow a specific lineage in the yoga tradition, but have been inspired by many of the amazing teachers and wide variety of yogic flavors whose practices focus on love and awareness.  My personal belief is that oftentimes, the best teacher is the one inside yourself, and my duty at the front of the class is to help you cultivate that internal wisdom.  My approach towards yoga is simple; when people begin to move their bodies and become consciously aware of their breath, amazing benefits begin to surface.  This manifests not only in the physical body but also in the more abstract mental and esoteric realms. I offer my students a relaxed but challenging environment to go internal and address unattended stress, to aid in peeling back the layers that separate us from our connection with the much bigger picture. As a scientist by trade, I have always had a fascination with the intrinsic natural laws of the universe, and know that yoga is an incredible tool to uncover, discover, and cultivate the amazing universe within.  My personal interests are focused on the more subtle aspects of yoga, and I offer this practice to my students through meditation, breath awareness, and flow styled movement.  In addition, I have always had a strong resonance with the beautifully simplistic philosophy of Taoism, and this surfaces in my classes.  My quirky nature and light-hearted spirit provide a loving environment for students to explore their own experience, using the tools of yoga as a method to understand the true self within.

Ryan’s Class

Taoist Flow, Cultivating the Internal Universe on Thursdays at 8:00pm

This class is an incorporation of gentle Taoist exercises to open up the energetic gates weaved in with a traditional Vinyasa practice to keep the energy flowing.  The focus will be geared towards an internal practice with an appreciable level of physical exertion. Modifications for all levels will be included, but a basic knowledge of sun salutations is recommended, but not necessary.  The intention of this class is to subtly aid the student in becoming aware of their own true self, which mirrors the cosmic picture and gives a space to feel deeply connected and always at home, without even leaving the mat.

Susan Rothlein

I moved to Asheville in December of 2010 from Winter Park, Florida where I taught yoga for over ten years and was co-owner of Full Circle Yoga along with my husband Lewis. I have taken trainings and workshops with teachers of many different styles of yoga on my path to becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance. I’m also certified in prenatal and postnatal yoga. From my first yoga class I knew that my practice would be a central and important part of my life and I love sharing the gifts I’ve received from yoga with others.

Susan’s Class:

Gentle Yoga from Everybody on Fridays from 12:15pm – 1:45pm

My intention in this class is to guide students through a gentle and well- rounded practice that will be safe and enjoyable for all. So whether you’re new to yoga, working with a restriction or injury, pregnant, wanting to begin stretching and toning after giving birth, or just in the mood for a slower class, please come join us. My hope is that you’ll leave class feeling relaxed, energized, and inspired.