Truly Donation-Based Yoga—No Minimum, All Love

People often ask us about our pricing, and it’s true: Asheville Community Yoga’s classes operate completely on a donation-based model.

What does this mean? A suggested love-offering is $5 to $15 per class, but we only ask that you give what you can when you can.

Chip into the offering box at the front desk or donate online as you are able, and keep coming to your practice even when you can’t. We encourage you to come to classes at the center even when you can contribute nothing at all monetarily, and give back instead with your presence in being a part of our community.

And why do this? Our mission is to make yoga accessible to everyone at a price that each person chooses and can afford. We are committed to offering truly donation-based yoga—none of the minimums or pressure with all of the love and support!

Many of our regular students find it most convenient to set up a recurring monthly donation by looking at their budget, determine what they can afford to contribute (however large or small—every bit helps!), and then knowing that they can come to their practice as often as they like and as much as possible from there. Learn more about monthly contributions or set one up here, and of course we are equally grateful for all of your one-time donations!

You choose the amount, method and schedule that is the best fit for you, and automatic payments can be changed or canceled at any time. You’re in total control of what you give back and how. We only ask that you feel the value of what you and others receive from Asheville Community Yoga, and give accordingly as you are able.

Click here to make a one-time donation
or set up a recurring monthly payment »