OM for the Holidays: Create Your Fundraising Page

Rather than collect more material possessions this holiday season, consider asking family and friends to make a donation in your name to Asheville Community Yoga’s expansion fund—a gift that will keep the giving spirit alive for you and many others in our community through 2016 and beyond.

ACY renderingAsheville Community Yoga is a 501(c)3 nonprofit center in Asheville, NC poised for a major expansion early next year to meet growing demand. We are a little over halfway to our first fundraising goal of the $150,000 needed to double our size and renovate the other side of our building. To raise the $70,000 still remaining to begin this phase of our expansion project, we have launched our OM for the Holidays campaign, in which students can create their own fundraising page and invite loved ones to make a donation in their name to support their yoga home.

The end of the year is a huge opportunity for nonprofits to benefit from holiday giving and tax-deductible donations. Our center has more than 7,000 students and if each one of them created a fundraising page and raised even $10, we would meet our goal. Creating a fundraising page or making a donation to one of our existing student fundraisers will help us meet that goal by the end of the year.

To sign up as a participant, visit this website and click “Become A Fundraiser” button. To sponsor a participant, visit this website and click “Donate Now” button.

CLICK HERE to make a donation directly to Asheville Community Yoga, without creating a fundraising page or sponsoring a student.

Email with any questions or for support in registering.

This money is important to ensure that we are able to quickly renovate and open two more studio spaces as soon as possible. The space will become available to us in early 2016, and we want to act fast to get the two new studio spaces up and running as soon as possible so we can accommodate more people.

We are now moving into our busiest season in winter, and already by early November are finding times when classes in both of our two studios are at full capacity. In line with the mission of our nonprofit to make yoga accessible to everyone, this expansion will allow us to better serve our community and meet rapidly growing demand without having to turn away anyone who comes to us with a desire to learn and grow through the practice of yoga.

Despite the rapid pace of our organization’s growth in recent years, demand continues to outpace the amount of resources we currently have to devote. We have experienced such incredible interest in affordable yoga that our current staffing levels and space capacity can no longer meet the growing demand. More people are coming because we’re making yoga accessible, and the expansion will allow us to continue to meet the community’s needs for years to come and welcome all people who arrive at our center seeking the physical and mental benefits of yoga.

If good karma and the giving spirit isn’t enough incentive to get involved, we’re also offering these special gifts to our major holiday fundraisers:

  • $500 raised: Complimentary admission to a workshop
  • $1,000 raised: Complimentary admission to a series class as well as items mentioned above
  • $2,500 raised: Choice of bolster and eye pillow as well as items mentioned above
  • $5,000 raised: Choice of yoga mat as well as items mentioned above
  • $10,000 raised: Complimentary admission to teacher training as well as items mentioned above

Click here for more information about who we are, what we have planned for the wellness expansion and why we’re taking this project on now.