“Live From Your Heart” by Margaret

Our greatest creative endeavor is to create our own lives. That’s good news and a good deal of responsibility. How would this creative endeavor begin?

Accept where you are. Notice and accept your limitations as well as your unexplored potential. Perhaps you’re a new Mom with your hands full of baby all day, or an older adult with a job and an elderly parent, or you’re living with an illness that drains you. Even if you have only 10 minutes to breathe deeply, sink into one deeply restorative posture and meditate for 2 minutes; that’s OK, begin there. By opening up to the experience of ourselves as we are in this moment, we also open to a path unfolding before us. Your practice will shift throughout your life as circumstances change. The art and science of yoga, itself, is unlimited in its flexibility and potential for creative expression as it weaves itself through the fabric of your life.

Poet, Mary Oliver says “so what will you do with your one wild and precious life?” Allow those words to turn your mind toward awe and gratitude as you imagine the possibilities that arise in a heart filled with compassion and love for yourself. Love yourself into living your dream; your unique version of your one unexamined and precious life, starting now.

Try a Moving Loving Kindness Yoga Pose: Goddess

Stand in Goddess pose with your feet wide, toes pointed away from center, arms extended at shoulder height. Bend your knees and elbows and sink down, breathe deeply to energize your heart and hips. Imagine gathering the strong nourishing earth energy up into your legs and hips, expanding it out through the conduit of your arms and fingertips. Reach overhead to gather the light filled wisdom of sky energy and press your palms to draw it down the central channel of your body to arrive at the sacred, silent space of your heart. Pause there to reflect on the question “What will I do with my one wild and precious life?”