February’s Teacher of the Month!

Liz Ridley is our beloved “Teacher of the Month!!”

“I am just amazed that I have been chosen as Teacher of the Month as Asheville Community Yoga. Here I am – a Tai Chi teacher out of so many yoga teachers!! I love Asheville Community Yoga with all of my heart. It feels like a second home to me and it is the place where I receive my spiritual nourishment – due to all the good vibes that all of you leave in your wake here!

About 20 years ago I read a book by Chuck Norris about martial arts. I loved the idea and philosophy behind it – that it was a way of life – the way of the spiritual warrior. But I knew that I didn’t want to do anything where I would be getting HIT! The Universe answered my desire when I walked into a gym where Sifu Mark Small was teaching a Tai Chi class. I knew right then and there that I had my answer. Sifu Small is still my teacher today, and although I have may other teachers in my, he is still my rock.

Tai Chi gives me so many things. A form of physical exercise that gives grace, beauty and balance. A form of exercise that is a meditation. An exercise that is so good for my body. Tai Chi gives balance in body, mind and spirit. It is good for the heart, strengthens the bones, and relieves stress. There is also a wonderful sense of family and community!

I love to share Tai Chi with others and make it accessible to them. I especially love to teach beginners. I teach classes in such a way that if someone comes one time and never comes again, they leave with a sense of appreciation for what Tai Chi is all about. And if they keep coming week after week – all the better! My wish as I teach my classes is that any good energy and strength that my students get from my classes is put back out into the world to do good. I feel that my teaching is the small part of what I can do to make the world a better place.

Thank you for choosing me as Teacher of the Month. I hope to see lots of you in classes as the year goes on. Remember that coming to class can mean a one time foray into the world of Tai Chi and Qigong – or the beginning of a life of practice!

Thank you so much Liz!!! We feel blessed to have you among us.

Come check out Liz’s class, Thursdays at 4:30pm!