September Volunteer of the Month: Mary Grace Wynn

FullSizeRender (1) (1)This month we are honoring Mary Grace as our Volunteer of the Month!
Mary Grace is in the studio multiple times a week for classes and has been volunteering to support the center as well!
She lends her skills at Zen & Now, with both general upkeep of the store and with their social media. If you love the displays at Zen & Now, you most likely have Mary Grace to thank! She truly excels when given artistic tasks and has helped give the shop its boutique vibe.
What was the experience with yoga that got you hooked?
For a while I have practiced yoga at home in a very simple manner so it wasn’t until I attended my first gentle yoga class at ACY​ that I was hooked. Yoga to me had never been a spiritual experience for me until that first class at ACY. By the end of the class I felt a deep connection and k​new I had to come back for more!
What inspires you to continue yoga?
​At the end of every class, I thank myself and my community for bringing me back to my mat. I’m inspired to continue practicing yoga because of how connected I feel, how at peace, and how balanced I feel after I practice. Even if I’m at a difficult place emotionally or a positive place emotionally I always find peace in the practice.
What is your favorite pose?
​I really enjoy traditional savasana. For me, it is always calming and allows me to embrace whatever is going on at the time. ​Very restorative pose.
What is your mantra?
I have two that I was introduced to at ACY that I constantly use. The first one is breathing in “​I love you​”​ and then breathing out ​”​​T​hank you​”​. ​My other favorite is the Metta Meditation that Jodie introduced me to. Whenever I feel like my mind is going a thousand miles an hour, this meditation always helps me stop and spread positive energy towards myself and others. ​
How did you find Asheville Community Yoga?
​A very close friend brought me to my first ACY class and I will be forever grateful! ​
What inspired you to begin volunteering at Asheville Community Yoga?
​I have always loved the idea of ​selfless devotion​. Volunteering at ACY allows me to give back to a community that pours so much into my life. ​It’s such a beautiful community that I love being able to support it in small ways. Since I’ve started volunteering at ACY, the act has become a very important habit in my life.
Mary Grace – Thank you for donating your time and artistic talents to the studio! You are always so sweet every time you walk in the studio and you are a joy to be around. We are so happy to have you here as a member of our community!