May Volunteer of the Month: Stacy Hines

StacyThe moment that Stacy walks in the door, all staff can expect a big bear hug and a big smile. Stacy has a way of uplifting everyone around her, making them laugh and enjoy the moment. She’s also thoughtful and helps out immensely around the studio. Whether it’s  setting up mats, fixing props or parking cars, Stacy is always doing more than is asked of her.

In addition to practicing and helping out, Stacy is part of our 250-hour Yoga Teacher Training and will be graduating this July. Congrats, Stacy! We are proud to honor her as our Volunteer of the Month this May.

What was the experience with yoga that got you hooked?

An elective class in college 10 years ago.

What inspires you to continue yoga?

The journey I’m on and the yogi’s that I’m surrounded by inspire me.

What is your favorite pose? 


What is your most challenging pose? 

Half moon.

What is your favorite time/place to practice? 

ACY!!! DUH! Morning time, but I rarely have the chance.

How has yoga changed your life? 

It’s helped me to regain control of my mind, emotions, and body. My impulse/self control is what I notice the most difference in.

Do you have a favorite yoga book or video? 

I had this VHS tape with Rodney Yee forever.. I think I just liked the calming way he said his name… haha Rodney Yee.

What are 3 words you would use to describe yourself? 

Outgoing, loyal, empathetic.

Is there a recurring theme that runs through your yoga practice? 

Sincerity with integrity. Its been my intention for the last few months.

If you could just share one practice that has helped you the most, what would it be? 

Breathing and finding stillness. As a child and adult with ADHD, sitting still was never something I was good at, but with practice its getting easier and easier.

What is your current or all-time favorite song or artist for a yoga playlist? 

Shaman’s Breath by Professor Trance… an album my Aunt gave me when i was 10.. I didn’t realize the gem I had till 10 years later. 😀

What is your mantra? 

OM Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

Do you have a passion other than yoga you’d like to share about? 

Hard to choose, I am inspired by ACY. Volunteering makes me so happy which led me to beginning my YTT.

How did you find Asheville Community Yoga? 

A sign, when it was still in a garage/warehouse over where Harris Teeter is, though I didn’t become a really regular student until the last year.

Do you have a spirit animal?  If so, what is it?

Moth.. haha.. attracted to the light, driven by impulses, transformative.

What’s your most embarrassing moment in a yoga class?

Wouldn’t you like to know…. hahahaha

Stacy – You are a burst of positive energy every time you enter the studio. Thank you for always taking up any opportunity to help and adding so much to our community. We love you!