April Teacher of the Month: Beth Weegar

IMG_0385-2April’s Teacher of the Month is Beth Weegar, who has been teaching the Friday morning Chair Yoga Class for some time now. Beth has been a wonderful part of our community for years. After she completed her Yoga Teacher Training with us she began to teach Chair Yoga, and Friday mornings have become just a little bit sweeter since this class started.  Beth will be moving on to some exciting full time work, and we are sad to see her go but happy for this wonderful opportunity for her.  We want to thank her so much for her service to the studio. If you see Beth around, please say hi and thank her!

Here is a little more about Beth…

I came to Yoga pretty late in life – in my forties. For quite some time it was a way for me to warm up and stay limber before or after other activities like playing tennis, dancing or hiking. I did not develop a regular practice of doing Yoga until I moved to Asheville in 2014 and began attending classes at ACY. It was my first experience of attending class at a studio. It was the first studio I went to and I felt an immediate home there. Then I took teacher training and was completely hooked to both Yoga and Asheville Community Yoga.

Yoga taught me to use my breath to connect to the present moment. Nothing has been more transformative in my life. I find that when I keep up with a regular practice, I am able to connect movement and breath and it helps me to be centered and present. It creates balance in my life. When I slack off and don’t practice for a few days, I notice a big difference in my attitude and am always pulled back to the practice.

My favorite pose would be child’s pose. I think because of my tendencies towards introversion it feels safe, secure and comforting to me. My most challenging pose might be a seated forward fold. I have tight hamstrings and I know it’s important not to round the back as I fold so I can’t go very far. It’s that feeling that I’m not doing it “right”. I avoid it and I know I should be embracing it.

I love to practice Yoga outside on my deck early on a summer morning. The experience of combining breath, gentle movement, the sweet sounds of birds singing, the soft breeze rustling the trees and flowing over my skin, is heaven.

I am so thankful to Asheville Community Yoga for the community of love that it fosters and for mentoring me as a teacher. The love and acceptance I have encountered here has been awesome!
Cheers to you, Beth! Thank you for your service in strengthening our community. We will be here with open arms should you ever be able to return to teach.