March Teacher of the Month: Kelly Sanderson

Kelly PictureMarch will be the last month to check out Kelly’s Tuesday night Gentle Yoga class before she takes on her new full time position as mother – don’t miss it!   Kelly has a wonderful and thoughtful way of leading her class, with caring attention to detail to take care of all our mind, body and soul.  To hear more about Kelly read on!

I’m honored share my love of yoga with the community at Asheville Community Yoga – thank you for welcoming me as a teacher, a student, and a fellow yogi.  I first came to yoga living in Chicago about 8 years ago, where my practice became my morning routine.  Since then, I have gone through many “phases” of growth in my practice, most recently earning my certification at ACY and beginning my teaching journey.

This week, I am six months pregnant, and my practice has slowed down.  My current favorite poses are gentle cat/cow flows, malasana, and savasana on my side supported by an absurd amount of bolsters, blankets, and props.  I have fallen into a sweet rhythm of meditating in the mornings, as baby and I wake up, connect, and watch the sun come up.  I’m also enjoying attending a variety of pre-natal classes all over town, and learning how to move in my new body.

Some fun facts about me:

  • In 2012, my husband Brian and I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine.  We quickly found out that hiking all day everyday is much more of a mental challenge than a physical one!  This is where I first discovered mantra, on accident – counting my steps and focusing on the experience of walking to still my mind during challenging climbs on the trail.
  • My funniest yoga moment comes courtesy of my husband!  Brian attends all of my Tuesday Gentle Yoga classes.  He recently got LASIK eye surgery, but prior to that was blind as a bat and would take his glasses off for class.  During one class, we were on our bellies doing poses like locust, cobra, and sphinx.  Somehow, Brian missed a cue and ended up on his back, not being able to see anyone else, but trying to follow my cues, which made no sense and resulted in some pretty amusing shapes happening in his corner of the room.
  • My spirit animal is definitely a bear!  Throughout all phases of my life, and all my various groups of friends and family, somehow I always end up being called cubbie, bearcub, sassybear, or some sort of bear name.  I’ve encountered lots of bear in my hiking days and my years in Asheville, and am honored to call them my spirit animal.
  • My favorite song to play in class (any my most requested!) is “The Voyager” by Jenny Lewis.  Get everyone flowing with their breath and crank it up!

Thank you for being of service Kelly!  We love and appreciate your presence in our community.  We send you mamabear strength for this new and exciting chapter in your life.