May Student of the Month: UNCA Men’s Tennis Team

Tennis TeamAlmost every Monday, Wednesday and Friday if you get up early enough to make it to the 8:00am vinyasa, you’ll most likely find the UNCA’s Men’s Tennis Team breathing and flowing next to you. The team has been coming to classes at the studio for a while now and we’re so glad they decided to make yoga part of their schedule!

In addition to practicing on the mat, the tennis team practices karma yoga off the mat and have been helping out regularly with our expansion.

Thank you for this honor! We love starting our mornings with y’all at ACY.

What inspired the team to start practicing yoga?
We began to realize how much it helps strength and flexibility and we really started to commit to it.

Does the team have a favorite pose?
Our favorite pose in yoga has got to be Pigeon pose.

Does the team have a most challenging pose?
We find Crow the hardest pose.

How has yoga changed the lives of the team members?
It has given us a way to stay calm in stressful situations. We are able to control our emotions better by the breathing exercises we have taken from yoga.

How has yoga changed their tennis game?
It has made us more mobile and flexible. There are significantly less injuries this year and I feel we are in better shape than we have ever been.

We usually come to yoga after a long workout in the morning and yoga makes us feel completely replenished for the day ahead. It is a great way to start off our day.

Thank you so much for everything you do at ACY we really appreciate it,

The Tennis team

To the Tennis team – Thank you so much for making yoga a part of your lives both on the mat and off the mat. We hope more sports teams follow your lead and make yoga part of their training and life practice!