Seva Yoga ~ The Art of Selfless Service

Ways You Can Help in Our Community

Seva Yoga is the art of selfless service and is at the core of our mission here at Asheville Community Yoga. Through our commitment to serve our community here and reach out to the greater community of Asheville and beyond, we are making yoga and wellness more accessible.

Here are some ways in which you can also practice Seva at Asheville Community Yoga:

  • Volunteer! There are endless ways to help out through volunteering. We are always looking for additional help at Zen & Now, with landscaping and expansion projects, and folding towels, straightening up the props, or sweeping the walkways
  • Raffle Donations – Do you or your business have a service or product to donate to our monthly raffle? Our raffles provide a great way to get your name out there to thousands of people while also generating donations for the center. It’s a win-win! To participate in the raffle, please contact
  • Community Offerings – Do you have a service you would like to offer to the members of the community? 100% of the proceeds from the donations of services go to the Expansion Project and have been a big help in creating our new space! Please contact to share your services with other members of the community.
  • Smile Amazon – Do you regularly order items from Amazon? This is a simple, yet very helpful way to practice Seva Yoga. Please go to and choose Asheville Community Yoga as your charity. We will receive .5% on every purchase you make from Smile.Amazon.
  • Zen & Now – Shifts are available for people to work at Zen & Now, our pre-loved clothing store. If you cannot work a regular shift, you can always come in a bit early for class or stay after class and help straighten up the racks, return clothing to the racks from the dressing rooms, etc. Please email for additional information and feel free to check in with a staff member whenever you wish to help before or after classes.
  • Service Projects – Each month we have a service project where we gather as a group and practice our Seva. Sometimes that includes doing a big project here at the center, other times we step outside of Asheville Community Yoga and reach out to the greater Asheville community to help other non-profits or engage with groups with special needs and requests for assistance. These have included Manna Food Bank, Homeward Bound, HelpMate, and many others. Please email if you have any suggestions of worthwhile service projects for the future or wish to be included in a current service project.
  • It’s the “little things” – Our practice is so much more than just stepping on and off the mat to move, meditate, and breathe. Cleaning your mat and blocks properly, taking time to fold your blanket neatly, and replacing the props in an orderly way are just a few of the many ways you can help out whenever you come to practice. With our new landscaping, there are always weeds to pull and plants to water. Please check in with a staff member for ways you can practice Seva.