Primordial Qi Gong with Allen


Saturday, October 28th (Pt. 1)

Sunday, October 29th (Pt. 2)


       Qi Gong is the ancient Chinese Medicine practice of gathering, cultivating and circulating Qi, the life force energy that permeates the universe outside and inside our bodies.

The Primordial State (according to the Cambridge English Dictionary) – adj. existing at or since the beginning of the world or universe.

Imagine if you could contact that part of YOU that was present before your actual birth, that part of you that was present before creation and will exist after you leave your body. – That’s the essence that we attempt to contact while practicing this magical ancient form of Qi Gong.


The Primordial Qigong form was developed by the Taoist sage Chang San Feng who is also known as the originator of Tai Chi. The style that I will teach was passed down through the Daoist School of Perfect Reality to a Daosist monk named Li Tong, who passed it on to Master Zhou Hui who eventually brought it to the United States.

I first learned the form over 3 years ago from several teachers and finally took a week long concentrated workshop with Roger Jahnke O.M.D. one of the original students in the U.S. who traveled to China eight times to further his studies with the Master. Dr. Jahnke cured himself of cancer using this form, as did Master Zhou Hui.

I was born with a birth defect that affected the mobility of my left ankle and had been looking for a way to improve it’s strength and flexibility for many years. So, when I first encountered Primordial Qigong, it led to one an “AHA!” revelation: Primordial = Pre-Birth and since birth defects form in the womb before birth, I thought it might be the way. So I committed to the practice, and it worked!

In this beautiful flowing form we move counter clockwise. Moving clockwise means you are moving in the direction of time. Could moving counter clockwise “turn back” the hands of time?

If you are curious and want to explore the Wuji, that place of unity before creation and duality, come for this two day workshop and learn this 12 minute form to possibly experience it personally. We will learn Earth Cycle on Day 1 and Heaven Cycle on Day 2. Day 1 is a pre-requisite for attending Day 2. (you can explore Day 1 and decide about registering and joining us for Day 2 to learn the entire form.

Written material will be distributed to aid future practice.

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Price: $20 [per day]

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