Fool’s Flow with Leaflin

Leaflin with bubbles

Saturday, April 1st

3:00-5:00 p.m.

Most of us spend plenty of time in our lives trying NOT to make a fool of ourselves. How refreshing would it be to leave the house with every intention of playing the fool, in the playful company of other wise fools? Here is an opportunity!


 The tarot begins at 0 with the archetype of the fool.
The fool is perpetually innocent, trusting, and fearless of new beginnings.
The fool is always a beginner, the epitome of the zen concept of beginner’s mind.
The fool has a lightness of being, unencumbered by the weight of the ego’s concerns and limiting beliefs about the nature of Life’s unfolding. The fool lives in the green of spring and the realm of pure potential and possibility!
Come celebrate the archetype of the fool in this deep but light-hearted practice, which will include lyrical flows, silly wisdom, and playful enquiry.
“If the fool would only persist in her folly, then she would become wise.” ~ William Blake
*Silly clothing is encouraged!*

Price: $20

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