Finding Your Voice with Liz C.


Sunday, October 8th

12:30-2:30 p.m.

Finding your voice is a crucial part of being a responsible human being. Finding my own voice is a practice that I work with constantly, and each time I reapproach the subject I see that I have a lot of practice to do.

Part of finding your voice may be learning to be comfortable in your own skin, another part may be finding silence, for another it could be standing up to an outside force.  Each of us is different.  Yet we are all the same in that finding our voice helps us to satisfy our needs and then helps us to move on to fulfill our purpose or dharma.  This workshop is not going to connect you to a part of yourself that you do not already have access to. Perhaps it will begin a life long practice of finding your way through the world in your own particular way that you can take with you and make your own.

Price: $20

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