Dream Yoga with Eddie


Saturday, July 1st

3:00 – 5:00 p.m.

“awaken to our dreams”: an introduction to dream yoga and lucid dreaming

“Awakening” is arguably the image of enlightenment, an end to cycles of suffering, and transition into freedom. This metaphor suggests that we are in fact “asleep” when we are “awake,” and “awake” when we are “asleep.” Curious, no? Were that the case, enlightenment and liberation would depend on our capacity to experience “reality” as a dream, and a “dream” as reality. Lucid dreaming (as part of dream yoga) is not an esoteric art of the few; it can be learned by anyone willing to devote themselves to a rigorous dream practice. With clear, practical and accessible exercises we will learn how to discern the various stages of our waking life and dreaming life. Awareness of the subtle forms, gradations, and expressions of consciousness and unconsciousness deepens and expands yogic, meditation, and mindfulness practices. Take this workshop as a call to awaken to your dreams and into your waking life!

Price: $20  

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