Advanced Yoga Redefined with Marilyn

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Sunday, July 9th

12:30 – 2:30 p.m.

Is “Advanced Yoga” really about what the body can or cannot do? Is moving our bodies towards greater and greater degrees of flexibility and more challenging asanas the goal of yoga? If not, what is? What does the yogic literature and philosophy tell us about this?

This workshop is an opportunity to delve deeply into the very heart of the yogic journey. We will explore some of the deeper practices, other than challenging asanas,  to see what they may have to teach us. A variety of pranayamas, meditations, chants, etc will be explored. Each student will be encouraged to reflect on their past and current experience with yoga, to tune into the Inner Teacher, and see what practices are most appealing and most appropriate to turn your attention to now. As experienced yoga practitioners, we strive to be sensitive to what is most needed and most appropriate at any point in time for our development and well being.
This workshop will include discussion, breathing and meditation practices, some self chosen asana and journal writing. (Please bring writing materials) This is appropriate for any student who is familiar with yoga basics and practices regularly (no need to define yourself as advanced).

Price: $20  

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