Yoga for Athletes with Wendy


Saturday, April 1st

3:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Whether you are a weekend warrior, on a team, or have a daily workout regimen, you will find ways to enhance your performance, develop more focus, and build a stronger core to prevent injuries.

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QiGong: The Five Treasures & The Eight Pieces of Brocade with Allen


Saturday, March 25th (Pt. 1)

Sunday, March 26th (Pt. 2)


   Qi (life-force) Gong (practice)  consists of gentle slow movements that stimulate the acupuncture points and balance the flow of energy along the pathways called Meridians resulting in increased health and vitality.   Each movement will be explained and repeated several times until it flows naturally to your own breathing rhythm.  Many find that it is quite easy to learn and effective in relaxing your body and your mind.  And results are usually immediately felt and quite pleasant.

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Mantra & Mindfulness with Joshua & Luna Canter

The path before me

Saturday, March 25th

3:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Celebrate the spring equinox with this special workshop with husband and wife teaching team, Joshua and Luna Canter. We will explore the merging of two powerful practices, Mindfulness and Mantra.  Joshua and Luna will offer practical and uplifting practices that will bring you clarity, hope and inspiration in the new season.

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