January 2016 Service Project: Spreading Warmth This Winter

Senior and young holding hands

Compassionate Communication ~ Taking Our Yoga Off the Mat

Deep gratitude to everyone who came out to support this wonderful event. Lots of requests to do it again, so look for this service project again during the summer, as we hit the streets with water, daily necessities, smiles and open hearts.

Throughout the month of January we will be collecting gently used and new gloves, hats and scarves. Then, on Sunday, January 31st at 1 pm, we will hit the streets of downtown to engage in compassionate communication with people who are often overlooked as they sit upon the sidewalks throughout our city. Sharing a smile and perhaps a pair of gloves or a warm hat, while looking into one another’s eyes with heart-felt compassion and kindness will expand our community and our practice in a whole new, beautiful way.

If you are interested in joining us, please email Wendy at wendy@ashevillecommunityyoga.com or sign up at the front desk at the Center. Please bring in any gently used or new gloves, hats and scarves to place in the bin in the lobby for us to take to hand out. (Please note: We cannot accept winter coats as they will be too cumbersome for us to carry, but we encourage you to not just donate your winter coats, but rather take them with you the next time you are downtown and see someone who could use some warmth and pass it along)

“For it is in giving that we receive.” Francis of Assisi