Board Members


President and Treasurer: Michael Murphy

Michael Murphy is an accountant, insurance agent, business consultant and tax adviser with over 25 years of experience. He is currently president, founder and owner of Platinum Group based in Asheville, North Carolina. Michael has served on a number of nonprofit boards. He is the devoted father of four amazing children. Michael’s yoga practice began in 2004 and completed his yoga teacher training in 2012 at Asheville Community Yoga!


Vice President: Bill Chase

Bill Chase is a local attorney and real estate investor with extensive experience in corporate formation and business advice, civil and criminal trial work, and contract negotiation and drafting. Currently his main area of focus is real estate law and investment. Bill moved to Asheville about 13 years ago and has enjoyed seeing this community grow and thrive. He developed a personal yoga practice about 7 years ago and in since that time, with the guidance of many dedicated teachers and mentors, his physical practice has expanded to include service and discipline.

“I have become more and more committed to my yoga practice and feel it is central to my efforts to be present in every moment.  I really enjoying coming to the Yoga Center and love the people and community we have all created in just over a year.  It’s so obviously a special place and offers me and everyone else in Asheville the opportunity to live and breathe the yoga of compassion, service, and gratitude in every moment,” Bill Chase.


Mitch OrlandSecretary: Mitch Orland

Mitch Orland is the dad of two amazing girls and the husband of a goddess wife. He was the Executive Chef as well as the Deli, Bakery, Meat and Seafood Director for Earth Fare for 6 years, The Healthy Supermarket.

Mitch has been on the Board of Directors of numerous non-profits. He is just coming off a 4 year run at Wild South(Protecting Forests for Life). Mitch is also a member of “Chefs Move to School.”

Mitch and Michael Greenfield, Asheville Community Yoga’s Executive Director, have been friends for over 25 year. Mitch started practicing yoga 6 years ago with Michael in a men’s Group. He is now devoted to his home practice which includes chanting and meditation. Since starting his own yoga practice, his life has blossomed with love, service and endless possibilities.

Dr. Chris LechnerBoard Member: Chris Lechner

Chris began attending classes at Asheville Community Yoga in the spring of 2014. He originally started coming just to encourage a friend and was blown away by how much impact the practice of yoga started having on his life!

“I am a very physical person and enjoy kayaking, paddle boarding and swimming in our beautiful city and the surrounding areas. Yoga has brought a new dimension to these activities by improving my core strength and flexibility. More importantly the practice of meditation and breathing have been valuable tools in my work as a busy hand surgeon and husband and father. I now have the pleasure of sharing yoga with friends and family. Slowing down is not something you can tell yourself, it is a practice. Asheville Community Yoga is a place to come and support yourself and your community!”


061816_ATP_AshevilleCommunityYoga_HeadShots_122Board Member: Michael Greenfield

Michael Greenfield moved to Asheville 21 years ago. He loved the opportunity Asheville provided to be among nature and saw this community as a place he would like to raise his family. Michael is the father of three incredible children. He has over 25 years of business and entrepreneurship experience through working as a community financial advisor and having owned a multi-million dollar furniture business, a B&B and a pre-owned vehicle business. Michael has been practicing yoga for over 25 years. He became a yoga teacher in 2002 and has been teaching ever since.

“Starting a yoga practice marked a pivotal point in my life. I strive to dedicate my life to service & love in every waking moment.”


AmberAsherBoard Member: Amber Acheson

Amber has served Asheville Community Yoga since the organization opened in 2010. She began her journey with Asheville Community Yoga offering a donation class one night a week. Soon, she began working as a part time employee to help out at the front desk and that role very quickly escalated to her becoming Asheville Community Yoga’s Associate Director.

Amber graduated from Appalachian State University in 2005 with a degree in Non-profit Communications. After college she traveled throughout Europe and Asia and completed her yoga teacher training in India.

Having the opportunity to combine her passions, serving in the non-profit sector and teaching/practicing yoga, is one of the greatest blessings in Amber’s life. She has demonstrated dedication and commitment to Asheville Community Yoga’s mission and community during her time as Associate Director and she receives no greater joy in life than witnessing yoga’s transformative power at work in students day after day.

Amber’s other blessings include the opportunity to reside in the beautiful blue ridge mountains with her partner, Michael, and their little boy Asher. She is grateful beyond words for the abundance she receives daily serving as a mother, partner, teacher and friend to her entire community.


sonyaBoard Member: Sonya Costello

Sonya has been a member of Asheville Community Yoga since 2010.  She found the studio a few months after it opened and quickly fell in love.  Her involvement has grown from student, to Program Director, to teacher and now onto the Board of Directors.

Sonya graduated from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in Interpersonal & Organizational Communication.  She has been involved in multiple non-profits in the Asheville area over the past 13 years.  Her involvement has mainly been focused, but not limited to, event planning, volunteer coordinating and logistics for events such as Downtown After Five, Blue Ridge Pride and currently working for LEAF Community Arts.

“I feel deeply blessed and honored to be a part of Asheville Community Yoga.  The studio and community hold such a special place in my heart.  I love to teach and share my passion for yoga.  Yoga is a huge part of my life.  It has taught me self-love, self-awareness, to pause and breathe, and to live more kindly and compassionately towards myself and others.  I am forever grateful for my practice, the community and my teachers.”