Winter Solstice – A Time to Pause in Peaceful Reflection


Winter Solstice, when the sun slips easily into longer evenings and reminds us to come into a deeper place of stillness. Symbolically, the solstice is a time of turning inward and listening to your inner voice. Like nature around us, we become less active. This quiet season can create moments of reflection and deep peace.

Winter is a time when we can easily begin to fall off our regular yoga practice. As our bodies shift with the calendar, you may find it beneficial to change the style of yoga you are practicing. Craving peace and tranquility? Check out one of our Meditation or Restorative classes. Moving a little slower and have less energy? Try a Gentle Flow, Qi Gong, or Yin class. Need to stoke your inner fire a bit and create some warmth? Try any of our Vinyasa, Warm Vinyasa, or Hot classes.

Most importantly, use these quiet days and longer nights as a way to create more balance in your life. December can be a very busy month, with holiday travel and festivities, making time for self-care is essential for navigating through this busy season.

Winter solstice also celebrates the return of hope, as our planet experiences the first slow turn toward greater daylight. Solstice can be a magical, contemplative time – a night of spiritual reconnection and ritual with gratitude for the returning light.

Ways to Celebrate the Solstice

Create new family traditions of reconnecting with nature. Hiking this time of year can be particularly peaceful and offers a different perspective of the trees, ground, sky, and wildlife. The night sky is particularly vibrant with stars and celestial events, with early darkness providing more opportunities for younger children to stargaze.

Cooler temperatures and holidays bring us indoors for more gatherings with friends and loved ones gathered around the fire and sipping warm cider or mulled wine, sharing music and conversation. It is also a time of finding a cozy chair, making a cup of hot tea, and enjoying a new book or simply pausing in wonder and stillness for a bit.

What a perfect time to add more light with sparkling solar lights and candles. Look for Solstice events around town and come to our Solstice Black Light Yoga on Friday, December 16th! Participate in our December Service Project – Finding Unity in Community by joining family, friends and community members in taking our yoga off the mat to serve food at area shelters, engage in compassionate communication with the homeless population, share conversation with our elders at hospice and assisted living facilities, etc. The possibilities are endless!

From all of us at Asheville Community Yoga, may this season shine love and light on you and your families.