The Sweet Release of Spring

Outward Spring: Inward Spring

With longer days and warmer temperatures, we find ourselves connecting with the rhythm of nature as Spring approaches. We naturally begin to exercise more and perhaps begin tidying up our “nests” for a new season. Our bodies crave greens and vegetables, fruits and juices more than the heavier foods we consumed during the cold, Winter months. Many people choose this season to do a detox of their system as a way to feel cleansed and refreshed.

While there are countless ways to detox our bodies through fasting and cleanses, it is also a time to release any emotions or thought patterns that no longer serve us. A regular yoga and meditation practice can aid in releasing toxins in both body and mind.

Now is a perfect time to set an intention for releasing things we don’t need – purging items we no longer use, eating more mindfully, making time for a daily practice, and creating space for peace and quiet. As the weather becomes more beautiful, allowing time for outside activities in the sunshine can be both helpful and healing.

Just as in nature, remember that everything blooms when it’s ready. Allow this opening and releasing to happen in stages and in its own time. Dropping back into the body and breath can guide us as we listen to what we’re needing inside through the changes in our outside world.