Student Shares How Asheville Community Yoga Helps Her Heal

flower March

One of our dear students, Monica Cassani, has opened up on her blog, Beyond Meds, about the role that Asheville Community Yoga and her practice have played in her healing process. Read the excerpts below and check out the full post here!

Thank you Monica for sharing your experience so openly and beautifully, and for all of your support. It is our deepest honor and truest mission to be able to practice alongside inspiring students like yourself!

I want to again, talk about how yoga has helped me in my life, in general. It literally raised me from my bed, where I had been bedridden for 2 years. My muscles were completely atrophied. I started with leg and arm lifts and turning my feet and hands in circles. Serious baby steps. And now I can do all sorts of stuff. … The most lovely part of what this yoga studio has done for me is that I’ve been able to tell the teachers what I’ve needed (and still need) to support my process.

One really has to learn to trust the body. And the beautiful thing is that yoga allows one to learn about the body in ways I didn’t even know were possible before I started a serious practice. I needed a safe place to trust my body and Asheville Community Yoga provided that. A lot of yoga studios get rather competitive and there is no sense that one can leave the classroom without disapproval. Of course that is not really yoga at all…yoga without attention and mindfulness to the needs of our body/mind/spirit is just calisthenics and stretching, really. I’m so happy to find a place where the spirit of yoga is there with the hatha yoga.

I also love Asheville Community Yoga because it’s truly a COMMUNITY. It’s a donation based studio and the teachers all volunteer their time, making the sense of service to one another palpable. There is every body type, age and people from all walks of life. No one is turned away for lack of funds and there is a deep sense of caring for one another. Payment is all honor system, no one regulates the cash at the door, so people can pay only what they can afford while 5 to 15 dollars for a class is recommended to those who can manage that amount.

I love it. And I’m deeply grateful that it exists in my community. It’s simply a beautiful thing. I hope that other communities might start similar studios.