September Teacher of the Month: Wendy Mallett

Wendy Mallett

Meet our September Teacher of the Month, our own dear Wendy Mallett!

You probably recognize Wendy from the front desk, or from one of the many weekly classes she teaches, or perhaps even from the early days of Asheville Community Yoga five years ago!

Wendy was a part of the formation of this studio, and has been instrumental in nurturing this place and helping it grow to be the amazing community resource it is today. Several years ago she moved to Santa Cruz, CA, and as we expand, we are so grateful to have had the chance to welcome her back to Asheville this past winter! She is truly a free spirit, with one of the warmest hearts you’ll ever find.

Wendy was blessed to find yoga at an early age. She was a mere 9 years old when a close friend of her father’s introduced her to the practice. Since that time her practice has ebbed and flowed, but ultimately has given her the internal support system to make it through some of life’s greatest challenges, while still deeply appreciating the beauty life offers from moment-to-moment.  Wendy truly lives her yoga, cares for all beings great and small, and delights in sharing her wisdom with others.

As a teacher, Wendy is versatile and knowledgeable. Her deep wisdom and love for the practice shines through whether she is teaching a hot power flow, a gentle class, or a senior yoga class. Students invariably walk out smiling, saying that they got just what they needed. Another great aspect of Wendy’s classes is her amazing playlists! Her range of musical interest is vast, and she is responsible for choosing many of the tracks you hear wafting around the studio.