October Teacher of the Month – Ryan Kelly!!!

ryan kelly teacher

Meet our October teacher of the Month- Ryan Kelly!!

Ryan has been with us here at Asheville Community Yoga for 4 years now – pretty much since the beginning! In addition to being an exceptionally skillful yoga instructor, Ryan is a biochemist and a mother of two. She is passionate about Taoist philosophy, herbalism, and classical music, all of which inform her life, her practice, and her classes.

When asked about her practice and her teaching, Ryan has this to say:

“Yoga provides tools which are really useful in my life path. Having a practice that focuses on understanding yourself honestly has all sorts of interesting outlets, that span awareness from your microcosmic self into the macrocosmic experience, and all the little places along the way. As a science- minded person, I find this idea of understanding paramount, and yoga is an effective way to uncover the layers and examine the experience of self and our place in the cosmos. My style of teaching focuses on getting students to connect to that immutable place within, so that ultimately one can take the lead to be their own best teacher, by being clear and listening inside. My favorite yoga quote came from a tea bag: ‘Empty yourself, and let the Universe fill you’. Sounds cheesy, but ultimately it’s great wisdom! I often encourage this idea of ’emptying out’ in my classes, as a tool to get past our intellects and stories and pay attention to the deeper layers.

I am committed to the concept of free yoga, as I believe strongly that yoga is something that the world can benefit from, and that any person, regardless of their individual circumstance, should have access to relish the fruits that yoga can provide. Practicing yoga makes the world a better place, by fostering awareness, responsibility, and authenticity.”

Ryan, we are so grateful to have you among us. Thank you for you expertise and years of service here. You ROCK!!!