November Teacher of the Month – Rebecca Willman!!!

rebecca willman

Meet our November teacher of the Month – Rebecca Willman!

Rebecca has been practicing yoga for 15 years and teaching since 2006. Whether teaching restorative, gentle or vinyasa, Rebecca’s classes are intuitively designed and are nurturing and supportive for all levels of practitioner.

When asked about what yoga means to her, Rebecca has this to say:

“Yoga is like a good friend who listens well without offering unsolicited advice. It’s the space that pushes you without being pushy. I think that though my practice has seen me through tremendous changes, the irony is that my practice has helped me the most by allowing me to release the need to change, improve or ‘fix’ things. I’ve learned to accept and ‘be with’ instead. So I’m more honest than I ever used to be, and I trust my circumstances, even when they’re hard. I show up more. I resist less and flow more.”

Rebecca is also a birth doula, and a prolific writer and artist. Click here to check out her blog:!

Rebecca, you are amazing and we are grateful to have you among us. Thank you SO MUCH for offering your service and expertise here at Asheville Community Yoga!!!