November Teacher of the Month: Nita Carroll


Nita Carroll fell in love with yoga in 2011 after being laid off from a job she loved. Being laid off turned out to be a blessing in disguise, for both Nita and her future students! With the new free time on her hands, Nita dove headlong into the world of yoga. It helped her deal with what could have otherwise been a painful transition.

By 2012, she was enrolled in a teacher training in her then home of St. Pete, FL. Since then Nita has taught and taken classes in St. Pete, FL and Austin, TX, before landing here in Asheville and joining our ranks here at Asheville Community Yoga.

Nita says, “I want to help make yoga accessible for every BODY. I love a sweaty power class, a gentle restorative class and everything in between! I take classes from as many different teachers representing different styles and lineages of yoga as possible. I learn something new every time I take or teach a class and I work to incorporate it all in to future classes. My overarching belief and guide for teaching is if you’re practicing yoga, you’re doing it perfectly. There is no wrong way.”

When you come to Nita’s gentle class, you’ll start feeling relaxed as soon as you enter the room. She sets the tone for an experience of effortless relaxation and release of the day. She’ll take you from the ground to standing and back to the floor in a way that cultivates a feeling of inner quiet for true beginners or advanced students alike.