March Teacher of the Month – Anna Ferguson

Anna Ferguson August 2015

Meet our Teacher of the Month, Anna!!!

We have been blessed to have Anna along on this journey with us from our very beginnings! Anna is a truly gifted teacher with her own unique approach to yoga therapeutics. In addition to her regular offerings of yin yoga and a warm therapeutic power flow, Anna stays busy accepting private clients for yoga therapy sessions and teaching semi-regular specialized classes on topics such as Yoga for Trauma, Yoga for Weight Loss, The Artist’s Way, and more. We asked Anna about what got her hooked on yoga and what keeps her inspired to practice, and this is some of what she had to say:

“The very first time I did yoga I just knew. Something unexplained and wonderful happened, which now I understand to be both a calming of my nervous system and the beginning of awakening my awareness. Yoga has given me clarity, healing, direction, purpose, knowledge and so much more. I am eternally grateful and dedicated to yoga as a path to fulfillment in my life.

I love to practice at the edges of the day, dawn particularly. But any time of day is my favorite when I stop to listen to my breathing. I think maintaining a calm, centered mind is the most challenging ‘pose’ I practice every day. My most useful practice has been simply slowing down. Just changing the pace of my practice changed my life.

I receive new gifts of awareness every time I practice or teach. Yoga constantly gives back to me and alleviates the suffering of others. Compassion is an overarching theme in my life. Teaching compassion for others helps me learn it for myself. I’m out there to help life be more fulfilling and to teach that love can master fear and attention/awareness can alleviate pain.”

When asked what 3 words she would use to describe herself, Anna says “Determined Truth Seeker.”

Anna, you are an amazing light in the world of yoga – in your quest for truth, you illuminate the path for so many others! We are honored to have you among us here at Asheville Community Yoga. You are phenomenal and we LOVE you!!! Thank you for all of your generous service.

To learn more about Anna, check out her website: Vibrant Heart Yoga.