March Teacher of the Month: Amber Acheson

Amber and Asher January 2016

Amber has been around from Asheville Community Yoga’s very beginnings. Truly, the place could not have been birthed without her long hours of dedicated service. She worked tirelessly alongside Michael out of pure love and commitment to yoga and service, and we all benefit today from that whole-hearted dedication. Amber is a true yogini on many levels, and it shines through her and permeates the studio we all love so much to practice in.

Amber’s dedicated practice is especially evident in her teaching – when she gives a cue for alignment, breath, or attitude, it is evident that she is speaking from her own deep well of experience. She has a knack for helping her students to really feel a pose from the inside out, and for conveying the understanding that yoga is more than just a physical practice but a way of being, both on and off the mat.

Amber first discovered yoga while living in Asia teaching English as a second language. She embarked on that journey knowing she had a craving for something in her life, but uncertain as to exactly what that was. When she discovered yoga in Korea she knew that that was her ticket to fulfillment and into the deepest layers of self. She never looked back. She continued to travel through Asia learning the traditions and techniques of yoga in different countries including: The Philippines, China (Tibet), Nepal and India where she was trained in traditional Hatha Yoga and completed her 200 hr Yoga Alliance Certification. Since then she also completed her 500hr Therapeutic Yoga certification here in Asheville through Kaoverri Weber’s Subtle Yoga program.

In more recent months, as many of you know, Amber has embarked on perhaps the deepest and most fulfilling journey of all – motherhood! What a blessing to little Asher, to have a yogini mom like Amber – and what a blessing to the world, to have wise little ones being raised surrounded by this beautiful practice.

“When my breath moves my body and my mind to that soft quiet space within, I’m able to reconnect to my true self and know that I am a free and peaceful soul,” she said. “The challenges, worries and fears of this world become less of a burden when I reconnect and remember that I have my breath. I have discovered that my breath is the gateway to life and peace on Earth. I want to invite others to join me in the sacred practice that is yoga and experience the beauty, wisdom and light that is true life.”

Amber, we love you so much! Our gratitude for all you have done and continue to do here knows no bounds! Thank you!