July Teacher of the Month: Anna Cook

Anna Cook

Meet our July Teacher of the Month, Anna Cook! Anna graduated from our Teacher Training program last year, and has shown herself to be a natural born teacher.

Anna has an amazing story. Diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder as a teenager, she found herself taking nine different prescription medications in order to function. She was functioning, but in her words “feeling all kinds of wonky.” She decided to take charge of her own health, switching to a diet rich in whole foods and practicing yoga several times a week. Six years later, Anna is prescription-pill-free and as anyone who knows her can see, not just functioning but thriving! What better person to be sharing the practice of yoga, and inspiring others as well to take responsibility for their own heath to the degree that they are able.

“The feeling of grace and gratitude that I feel after each and every practice, no matter the length, brings me to my mat everyday. You can’t taste that sweet nectar any other way. I love to practice first thing in the morning to turn the fuzz into flow, but I also love to practice in the afternoon and evening because I feel more playful then,” Anna said. “Utthita Chaturanga Dandasana, or high plank pose, is a favorite of mine. I love how strong I feel in plank and tinkering with modifications such as lifting and lowering one foot or drawing the knee in towards the elbow or nose. My personal goal for the month of June was to ‘stick a handstand’ (Adho Mukha Vrksasana). This goal changed when I hurt my ankle a few weeks ago, but I will stick a handstand when I am healed! I know I have the physical and energetic strength to do so, but must overcome my fear that my arms won’t hold me—I know they will.”

Anna’s classes are fun and accessible. The themes that runs through her practice and her teaching are to listen to your body—be sweet, be patient, trust. If you come to her Wednesday evening warm flow class, you can expect to practice to some fun and uplifting hip-hop music. Anna likes to joke at the beginning of the practice that Snoop Dogg and Missy Elliot will be attending class. Aside from her yoga practice, the light and joy of Anna’s life are her family and her dog, Pico.

Thank you so much Anna for your dedicated service, your warmth, your joy and your sweet smile—you are a treasure to this community. We are grateful and hold you dear!