July Student of the Month: Chris Lechner

Dr. Chris Lechner

Meet our July Student of the Month: Dr. Chris Lechner! Chris is a local hand surgeon, dedicated yoga practitioner, board member and great friend of this community. There are truly countless reasons why he deserves this honor.

Some of you may remember several months ago when our Executive Director Michael Greenfield had shoulder surgery. Chris was quite literally Michael’s “right hand man” during this time, performing the surgery, guiding his healing process and helping out in all kinds of practical ways. He has continually offered his service big time, and we are all so grateful!

Chris is grateful for his yoga practice too, which he has taken off the mat and into his life in a myriad of ways. An avid whitewater kayaker, Chris took up stand up paddle boarding two summers ago and fell in love with it. He recently accomplished a mighty feat in paddling the entire French Broad River, a 227-mile adventure that took two weeks and may have been the very first time anyone has endeavored a full through-paddle of the French Broad! Chris paddled eight to 12 hours per day, and says that practicing yoga on his board three times a day was a major part of what helped hime get through, both physically and mentally.

The good doctor will have another chance to practice in a major endurance challenge in August. Chris will be swimming across Lake Michigan, a distance of nearly 80 miles planned to be traversed in 48 hours. He will be toting his paddle board along with him, so that he can take breaks from swimming to practice some asana. Not only is he taking on this incredible challenge, but he is doing it for us, as a way to help raise awareness and money for our expansion plans! His epic swim is what inspired our upcoming “Yogathon” fundraiser, which will take place at the same time. Needless to say, this is an amazing gift to all of us who enjoy Asheville Community Yoga and want to help us serve even more people in the community.

Chris, you are amazing. You inspire all of us to do great things in the world, and show us how limitless we really can be, with a healthy dose of dedication. Know that you are much loved and appreciated by all of us here at Asheville Community Yoga!