January Teacher of the Month – Susan Campbell!

Susan Campbell

Susan has been guiding women into a state of flowing bliss for several years now with her Women’s Expressive Dance Wave on Monday evenings, followed by a women’s circle.  Here are some sweet words of wisdom for 2015 from Susan herself:

“Make nothing more important than your own happiness! Do what feels good and right to you, not in a hedonistic way, in a soul alignment way. You know the difference ! You may be thinking, how selfish! Yes! Selfish…full of the love of self…. full of love and ready to flow that love to others. You must be self-aware, self-tending, self-loving in order to be SELFLESS.

So what does this have to do with movement, yoga or your body? Gabrielle Roth , founder of 5Rhythms Dance said, ‘The fastest way to heal the psyche is to put the body in motion!’ Why? Because when you move your body you create openings for new possibilities and perspectives while, at the same time, allowing what no longer serves you to flow though. It’s a process of unraveling, transforming, healing and creating. You literally create new space for everything to flow through you unrestricted and your dance with life becomes this ease-filled playful journey.

You are the creator of your life. You decide if you’re happy, no one else! It’s your decision. There is no right or wrong way to do life, just easier and more joy-filled or not! The invitation, as you make your to do list for the day, is to put, BE HAPPY, on the MUST DO side, right along with brushing your teeth, eating, sleeping, showering… make it non-negotiable!

In EVERY experience, pause, find the good, resist nothing, ask “How can I make the best of this?” and experience what shifts for you. Smile at yourself when you get stuck!! Make this easy and breathe… You can’t do this wrong!! In the long run it’s all about love …. love for self, love for others, love for it all…..everything else is a distraction ….. EVERYTHING else is a distraction!”

Susan, you are truly a ray of light and an embodiment of wisdom and grace. We are so honored to have you among us! Thank you for your priceless service to this community.