February Teacher of the Month – Jessica Chandra Shrago!

jessica chandra

February’s Teacher of the month award goes to Jessica Chandra Shrago!

Jessica has been teaching at Asheville Community yoga for over a year now, and her generous and loving spirit makes her a perfect choice for this month’s honor.

“What inspires me to continue to do yoga is the evidence of how I feel when I am not doing it! Its also those moments during a practice and afterwards when I feel such freedom in my body to breathe and move. I feel that sense of freedom in my emotional and mental bodies, represented as the koshas in yogic philosophy, as well. It is interesting to notice the changes not only in the physical body, but also in the quality of our thoughts and emotions as we practice yoga.

My favorite pose is Eka Pada Rajakapotasan, the pigeon. I love to get into my hips and feel the sweet release. I believe that our memories and emotions get stored in the body, so the release that I feel is beyond the physical body. I also love up-dog. It’s the counter-pose to a modern life of being hunched over at the computer all day and just sitting a lot more than humans used to. Chanting of Mantra has also been hugely powerful practice for me. Singing to the Divine is a direct link to your Highest Self and it works so fast!

Yoga has changed my life in that it has given me something to always come back to. A way ‘in’ that allows me to come home to my Self. This has many effects, such as feeling more peaceful towards myself and others. Yoga helps me return to my truest self, again and again.

I love to dance and create art. I love sharing love and kindness. My passion is communicating in a way that feels safe and open- straight from the heart. That communication can be with myself, or others. I feel that it can also take any shape, such as a conversation, or creating and viewing art. I am not sure what I would call that, but that is my favorite thing. To be liberated and held in a space of love. Oh, wait, that’s called yoga!”

Jessica, you are such a sweet embodiment of the beauty of yoga in action. Your service is much appreciated, and we are honored to have you among us. Thank you for the unique and wonderful gifts you offer! We love you!!!