February Teacher of the Month: Cari Barcas

Cari 5 crop

Most of you already know this wonderful woman. Cari joined our staff as Communications Director just over a year ago, making the move from Chicago to Asheville. From the moment she stepped through our door, there was a sense that she belonged here.

Before Cari embarked on her journey as a yoga teacher, she was a full-time journalist. Her ability to communicate clearly shows in her teaching, as she is able to effortlessly articulate the nuances of both simple and complex poses and ideas. Cari radiates a feeling of calm and capability – she’s the kind of person one feels comfortable trusting with any task or challenge.

At the same time, she has an open smile and clarity that make those around her feel more able to trust themselves as well. At first glance Cari makes all of these qualities seem like they have come effortlessly and easily to her – but the truth is that they are the fruits of her dedicated longterm practice and self-enquiry. Because she is engaged in her own deep journey, she is able to help illuminate the way for others finding their way through layers of self.

Cari began her practice in 2001, and began teaching a decade later in 2011.  Cari’s classes range from gentle to powerful – her love of yoga first blossomed with the powerful hot yoga style of Baron Baptiste (her first 200-hour teacher training was in this style), and as her love of yoga has deepened she has grown a love for a softer and gentler approach as well.