December Teacher of the Month: Sonya Costello


Whether you have been coming to Asheville Community Yoga for a week, a month, or a year, you have probably met the lovely Sonya Costello! This beautiful being has been on staff since the very beginnings of Asheville Community Yoga back in 2010. She started off as a student, but soon came on board to work her magic as our Program Director.

In 2012 she completed our very first Teacher Training Program, and has since become one of our most beloved teachers. It is with some bitter sweetness that we announce Sonya’s departure from our staff this month. As we all change and grow, the time has come for our sweet Sonya to grow in a new direction. Her daily physical presence will be missed, but the very walls of this place are infused with her bright spirit. And, fortunately for us all, she will continue to serve as a teacher.

Perhaps the best way to describe this incredible woman is with this tale: Sonya’s dear friend Heather was asking her 3-year-old son, Luke, the question “What is love?” Luke’s answer? “Sonya”. Sonya, indeed, is an embodiment of love. With her grace, humility, and infectious laugh, Sonya inspires us all to not just feel love but to BE love. As Margaret says, Sonya’s presence is refreshing and bubbly – like good clean sparkling water, a joy to drink in.

Come and experience all the magic this woman has to offer in person, by taking one of her classes!

Sonya – words cant express how much we all love you, and how grateful we are that you’ve graced us with your presence and many skill-sets over the last several years. You are a true teacher, friend, and genuine embodiment of divine love. You will be missed!!!