December Teacher of the Month – Asheville Community Yoga Staff Members!!!

Staff 2014

December’s Teacher of the month award goes to all those who serve behind the scenes to support this place in being what it is!

Asheville Community Yoga is a pretty special place. It’s much more than just a place; it’s a vital community, a being in its own right, and as such has its own life-force, breath and heartbeat.

Asheville Community Yoga had a will to exist, and our Executive Director Michael Greenfield was listening and answered the call. Shortly thereafter, Associate Director Amber Acheson showed up to help support the growth of this swiftly expanding entity. In just a few years, we have grown from a mere 200 students and two staff members, to over 5,000 students and seven staff members! From its birth in 2010, to this very moment of flux and transformation, Asheville Community Yoga has instilled the power and truth of its message, “Freedom Through Service,” into the hearts of us all. Donation-based yoga is a wave rippling through the world, and all of us who work and practice here are riding the crest of that wave!

Our community is growing in other ways as well. As some of you are aware, Amber and Michael are having a baby, due in March! Obviously this is exciting and life-affirming news, and means some changes for the center. While Amber will still be very present and teaching here, we have invited two new full-time staff members on board to facilitate this growth, so that Amber and Michael can both have time and energy to focus on bringing this new life into the world. If you haven’t yet met Cari Barcas and Emily Moyer, feel free to introduce yourself next time you are in the center, and come try out one of the many classes they have each taken on! They are both seasoned teachers with lots to share. We are all delighted to have them on our core team, which now consists of Michael, Amber, Sonya, Leaflin, Elle Jai, Cari and Emily.

As we move into the fullness of the season, and stretch our vision into the horizon of great things to come, we feel grateful to be a part of this shared experience! We happily await the birth of this child, who will be blessed to grow up in this loving community. We are grateful for our individual roles in supporting the growth of Asheville Community Yoga, and the mission of making yoga accessible to all walks of life. We feel ourselves a vital part of not just this yoga center, but a part of the greater world of yoga—a world which has roots deep in ancient tradition, but which is very much alive, thriving, and evolving in present time. We are grateful for this, for each other, for the practice of yoga, and for the precious connections we have with each other and every one of you! Together we are teaching, learning, growing, serving and reflecting truth. Together we are waking up!