Be Here Now


Be Here. Now. The Present of Presence.

It’s a New Year, and with it comes all of those “Resolutions” for healthier lifestyle choices, mindful spending, and better habits in our daily lives. Unfortunately, with expectations come disappointments when we fall short of what we hoped to achieve.

Bringing our focus back to the present moment allows us to create a more mindful and accessible practice of being here now, noticing habits and behaviors we can change, as well as celebrating those moments when we are flowing with our intentions. Setting realistic goals on a moment to moment basis removes our attachment to outcomes. Rather than feel defeated if we don’t follow through, we know that each moment offers a new opportunity to begin again and be present.

The more we create a state of mindfulness, expectations and judgment begin to slip away, revealing a more active presence in the moment. Realizing that each moment holds infinite possibilities allows us to celebrate the little victories of making positive choices and to move forward when we stumble on the path.

2017 will bring many exciting changes to Asheville Community Yoga as we continue to expand and begin work on constructing more practice space and additional opportunities to offer classes, workshops, and events. Each one of us can play a significant role in making this dream a reality. We look forward to each step on this part of our journey and the practice of being fully engaged in the moment as we mindfully move into the new year.