August Teacher of the Month: Bridget Herring

bridget herring

Bridget has been a steadfast and committed member of our community for several years now; in fact, several years ago she received the Student of the Month honor!

Over time, Bridget’s practice has deepened and blossomed, and our love and appreciation for this wise woman has also grown.  We are now grateful to count her among our staff of amazing teachers!

Here’s what Bridget has to say about her yogic journey:

“I got hooked on yoga soon after I took on my first full time office job. I completely underestimated the toll that sitting at a desk for eight hours a day in a room with no natural light would take on my physical and mental health. I thought that working off of my feet would give me boundless energy to do the things I love (such as hiking and dancing), but I was left feeling depleted at the end of every day. Yoga became my road map back to healthy living.

I am often asked which pose is my favorite and I am always stumped – but I can often think of a least favorite. One of my least favorite poses is dolphin, and I challenge myself to practice it everyday because I know that I need it! My advice for yogis is to try the styles and poses of yoga that you like the least a little bit more. These practices are usually what we need to bring balance into our bodies and lives, but we tend to shy away from them because they remind us of our weaknesses. Also, never underestimate the power of subtle movements. Sometimes the simplest movements can be the most impactful. This is a common theme in my practice/classes.

Even though asana (the physical expression of yoga) is what drew me into practice, I have found so much more in exploring the other 7 limbs yoga has to offer. The deeper I get into my practice the more expansive it becomes, and what can be more exciting than that!? After completing my first teacher training I feel I have climbed the peak of one small mountain with countless others to go. I continue to delve into the healing power of yoga, recently being certified in Yoga of the Heart (yoga for individuals with cardiac, cancer and other life-threatening diseases). To learn more, go to

I enjoy exploring everything Mother Nature has to offer, dancing to live music, using my bicycle instead of my car (when I feel up to taking on the mountains), and sharing good food with good friends.”


Bridget classes are softly flowing, with mindful attention to alignment. She has a knack for guiding her students (even beginners!) into some of the stronger poses so gently that they are sometimes surprised to find themselves there!