August Student of the Month: James Robinson-Long

James Robinson-Long

James started practicing yoga years ago, before there was a yoga studio around every corner in most towns.

He even did a 250-hour teacher training at an Ashram in Colorado and taught for about a year. These days, we are honored to have James practicing among us here at Asheville Community Yoga. He is a dedicated yogi both on and off the mat, having helped us most recently by creating some valuable video footage to help us promote our upcoming expansion project (click here to view the video!) His easy smile beams across any room, and is a great reminder of the potential of yoga to elevate and make every moment of life worthy of celebration.

When asked how yoga has changed his life and why he continues to practice, James has this to say: “Yoga provides a centering and calming for me.  Puts me back ‘in touch.’  Plus,  I feel younger and more flexible.  I move more like a 35-year-old—or at least I like to think so! Yoga keeps me younger, happier, and more contented with what is. Of all the practices, most useful is simply breathing and centering.  The breath is the key.  When doing a difficult pose, the breathing becomes more intense (much like a thermometer reading a room’s temperature).  What I love about yoga is that it allows us, or reminds us, to use the breath as a thermostat—setting the ‘temperature’ if you will.  Thus we learn proactivity rather than reactivity.”

In addition to time spent practicing yoga, James treasures time spent with his wife, Laura and his daughter, Kira Zoe. He loves the music of Ravi Shankar, and the task of producing videos. James is a true lover of life, and it radiates from his very being!

James, you are a huge gift to this community! Thank you for all that you offer and all that you are. We are so grateful to have you among us!