April Teacher of the Month: Gary Sager

gary sager

Gary has been a longtime friend to this community, showing up for regular practice and volunteering with many major building projects around the studio. In 2013, he completed our teacher training, and has been teaching a senior yoga class from 10:45 to 11:45 a.m. Tuesdays. Gary is a solid friend and great yoga teacher, with an infectious sense of humor and a great smile that we are always happy to see!

Here’s what Gary has to say about himself, his teaching, and his practice:
“There is no doubt that yoga feeds my mind body and spirit. Asheville Community Yoga offers the perfect environment to practice with the support of other like minded people. One of the keys to happiness is having good relationships in your life, and I have found many here.

I’m an animal lover so I enjoy doing the animal poses and imagining what it feels like when they move and stretch their bodies in the the most incredible positions. They are masters of yoga.

Music has always resonated with me and I get to share it at the care center where I work. It has been a gift I’m very grateful for.

Hiking and being in nature is where I feel I connect with a true spiritual path. Again, I am grateful to live in a place with so many options.

We are all students in this journey of life, I appreciate the opportunity to learn along side others who come to practice together at the center.

I love this saying: ‘The meaning of life is to find your gifts, the purpose of life is to give them away.’

The other great joys in my life are my kids and grandkids—who all practice yoga!!!”

Gary, you are GREAT! We love and appreciate you and your dedicated service, and feel so grateful to have you on our team.